Alliance leaderboard not updating

Not sure if this is an iOS thing only (latest v13 here, game up to date) but every time I’ve checked the alliance leaderboard for the last several days, the scores shown and the rankings are not correct. 7DD is listed first with 300k score but if you click on them their score is actually 297k. Please fix, as my alliance is really progressing and I like to use our position on the leaderboard to measure that progress, and we are stuck at 724 despite gaining 10k in the last week. Thanks.

Often it has a lag time in updating…

Personally it usually forces an update if I completely exit the game then reopen it.


Correct, the leaderboard is loaded once into your devices memory when you open the rankings menu.

If you want to load it again, you have to restart the app. That makes the game load the leaderboard again.

The game can’t load it in real time or everytime you access it in one session, as otherwise it would be too busy keeping it updated all the time.

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