Alliance leader: removing someone from war

Hello to all,

I’ll start this request with an example. I am in the alliance of 27 members and we have our rules. Besides obvious ones like “We do not insult each other” our rules are to actively hit titans and 6 attacks in the war. Most of our problems come from the last one.

Most of my alliance members including me think that kick is too harsh of a sentence for failing to hit 6 times in war. So I think that there should be some other mean of enforcing rules and I was thinking of alliance leader being able to remove someone from the next war. So if someone is not active in war like other members, alliance leader can remove him from the next war as a punishment. By doing that, he’ll receive less rewards from war cheat and that is it. So if you want same rewards like everyone else then be active like everyone else.

I do understand that this could make problems sometimes if your alliance leader is a moron that removes people without reason, but since there are tons of active alliances out there I think that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If anyone has other suggestions feel free to share. Also if anyone has similar experiences like my alliance members, I would be happy to hear them.


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