Alliance leader leaving... etiquette?

I’m the leader of a small alliance that I basically inherited. Despite my best efforts I just haven’t been able to get any traction with the group.

For a multitude of reasons, I’ve decided that I’m ready to throw in the towel. I think that the group will likely want to stay together but I doubt that anyone will want to lead it. I’m happy to leave the group to whoever wants to step up.

I’m struggling with how to communicate my decision in a supportive but firm way. Any thoughts on the etiquette here? How much notice is reasonable? If no one steps forward to lead, do I just leave? Start booting folks? Anyone been through a similar situation that was handled well/poorly?

Thanks in advance!

Interesting situation, I look forward to seeing what others think!

To flesh out one piece of the logistics, have you promoted anyone in the alliance to Co-Leader or Elder?

And how many people are currently in the alliance?

Is it a chatty or quiet group?

Do you communicate via LINE, Discord, Facebook or any other means outside of the game?


There are coleaders/elders but I suspect that they will leave if I do. It’s a very quiet group. I expect that about 8 would remain after everything shook out. There’s an (optional) discord server and a line group.


Ok Fedupboss I understand a little bit. Some questions I have is. 1 Do they all hit titans?? 2 Do you beat titans?? 3 Do they all hit their war flags?? 4 Do you want them to hit titans?? 5 Do you want to fight that wars??
If no to any of 1-3 is a for sure boot them that dont or quit. You are basicly STUCK at your level in this game. The best way to get ascention items is in a fully active alliance, “beating” titans and “winning” wars.
But just by guessing I would say whoever talks tell them congrats its your team promote them to leader and leave.


I’m a leader so I’m answering as if it were me leaving:

First, I’d simply be honest and polite. Say what you’ve enjoyed about being in the alliance but why you’d like to move on for more and different challenges.

Second, ask if anyone would like to step up as leader and, if you don’t get a taker, simply select someone you think would be the best candidate.

Frankly, if a leader puts the question out there, I’d be worried that it wouldn’t be the right person volunteering. I believe good leaders rarely see themselves as being good leaders, and often the ones who really want to be leaders are either not very good, or wanting it for the perceived “power”.

If you do select someone, you need to promote that person first, - it will ask you to confirm that you understand that you are switching leaders. You’d then become a co-leader, but you could easily leave the alliance in that position.

Once the new leader has the title, if they really didn’t want it, they could do the same thing - select someone else, etc.

Either way, it’s the best way to leave an alliance so they aren’t suddenly faced with being leaderless.


@Starryeyedgryph I think you’ve been through a similar situation of deciding it was time to pass the torch. Any thoughts on how best to handle the transition?

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A more “fun” approach to leaving would be as follows:

  1. Get drunk.

  2. Get REALLY drunk.

  3. Post the first thoughts that come to your mind in alliance chat. No corrections of spelling, grammar, or incoherent statements allowed.

  4. Take lots of screenshots during step #3.

  5. Leave the alliance.

  6. ???

  7. Profit!


If you are not the leader of the quiet bunch. Just leave and find a new home.

Since you are the leader, just kick out those that you deem not worthy.
Strengthen yourself and find a few core active players if possible. People will start joining you.

Only when you are strong, do people want to follow/join you.
Lead by example and try to communicate more if possible.
You have to decide whether the alliance is going to be a casual or serious/competitive type.

The alliance is yours and not anyone elses. You get to choose who you want to stay. You only leave if you decide to quit and slow down from playing.


Ever thought about to kick the members that do not fit and look for others? When you say you got some good co-leader that stick with you, use this base for your alliance and get rid of the rest.

As co-leader of a sometimes max alliance of 30 members sometimes, the best thing you could do is appoint your replacement. Once that’s handled, the new leader takes over and you can head.


@Annieb @kikyo, thoughts?

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Hmm - a much different situation to our leadership transition.

In our situation I spent many hours deliberating both my own wants/needs and those of the alliance and the wider group (we have a family of alliances of which I was both an individual alliance leader and overall group leader). And I wasn’t leaving, I simply needed to step back to give myself more time to deal with real life concerns - so step down from the leadership but stay in the alliance. Plus the alliance was active and engaged for the most part, with a high proportion of members available on Line.

I chose my successor, discussed it privately to start with. And then made an announcement firstly within our alliance group leadership team, and then at a mutually agreed time so we were both available for questions as required.

In your situation - I would evaluate the co-leads you have and whilst you think they may not want to lead, decide who you think would be most capable. And then if you are able to have a private conversation with them, discuss your reasons for leaving explaining why you think they would make an awesome replacement. You may be surprised.

If you aren’t able to have a PM, then I see not much option than to leave a polite message and promote your chosen successor to Leader before exiting.


If no one steps up to lead, What about trying to find the a merger home with another alliance? Either for the ones staying behind or even for you and whomever you’d want to take with you?

Our alliance welcomed 3 ‘refugees’ from a blown up alliance when they were in need of a home - they were much lower level than we were looking for, but they are a family and good folks, so we took a chance. They’ve been great so far.

About six months ago we had to remove 5 folks who repeatedly failed to use flags in war despite requests to opt out if they couldn’t hit - that dropped us to 20 members and we’d have liked to have a small core group of 8 join us at that point - and I’m certain there are always alliances in that boat

Anyway, if you can find a place for them; you can announce your departure and ask for a leader to step up; if they do, cool. Either way you can also offer a second option of moving to the new alliance.


When I left my first alliance, 2 months after I got my promotion to the leader’s position, I wrote down my personal opinion about the stong/weak points of every member and said I would have promoted X player to the leader’s position.

Then I promoted him and left after 48 hours.

Watching my ex alliance they undergo a recruiting reform and ended up becoming a big alliance’s academy, my very same suggestion to gather the active players together while leaving the uninterested ones to a sub academy.

Id say to talk to them, see how things turns out and if it’s time to leave… just do it :slight_smile:


I have experience from both sides of the issue as creator of an alliance and appointed leader of another alliance.

The alliance I created first, I only did so to have the opportunity to fight titans. I was fairly new to the game and didn’t know about the forum, and wasn’t sure how to go about joining an alliance. After awhile, I had another person join me, and there was hardly any communication. Long story short, after several months we had amassed around 20 members, but we were still struggling to win wars and beat anything higher than a 3* titan. From previous experience of leading a group structure similar to the alliance, I knew it would be easier to join a more active group than build one up, so I searched the forum for an alliance that aligned with my play style. When I did, I messaged my alliance, telling them I had an opportunity to join a higher ranked alliance, promoted the person that was second to join (she was fairly active as well), said it was great playing with them and wished them the best then left.

I’ve been with Ship Happens since then, and have recently been promoted to lead when our leader(s) quit the game (they were a rl couple, and switched back and forth). At one point one of them had messaged me about taking the reigns for a bit to give them a break (step down but still play), and I thanked them and politely declined and suggested others that I thought would be good. A few months later when they left, they told us their reasons for quitting, and they promoted me to leader. As for how I’m doing, you’d have to ask my ship mates, but we’re still going strong so I must not be too bad :sweat_smile:



I would use the Featured Message to announce the guild is dissolving in 14 days unless two, or more, people volunteer to lead.


Then pick from the volunteers or dissolve the alliance. And pick one, or more, of the others for co-leaders.

If only one person volunteers, I would not pick them because this will happen again when they feel burned out. Better the alliance name goes back to the available pool.

Yarn store

Personally I hate this.

I feel this is effectively emotional blackmail.

Leaders own the alliance so this is like giving a random stranger a yarn store and saying "you are now responsible for the 50k in debts and the livelihood of all 30 employees ".

Better to give people 14 days notice then close the alliance.


If you choose to dissolve the alliance, the name becomes available if someone else desires it.

The Devs designed titans so the most valuable assets of a Empire alliance is its name and its Line/ Discord/ Kik group name.


If it was me, I would be open and honest with your alliance family. Tell them your reasons and ask for volunteers to step up. If necessary ask the alliance members to vote for a leader. I would give them a two to three week notice period. As an alternative ask the alliance if they would like you to look for a merger so that they can stay together. Additionally you can post an add on the recruitment page asking for someone to join your alliance that had the right skills to be a leader. I wish you lots of luck.


I’m a leader who doesn’t “own” our alliance. When our former leader stepped down and none of our other co-leaders wanted the title, I said I’d do it. We have a leadership team and from that, I could easily choose any one of them to take over as leader, assured in their ability to do so. They’ve earned the title of co-leader by their participation and knowledge.

Perhaps one of them wouldn’t want to volunteer but if they were chosen, I know they’d either step up to the plate, or have the option of passing the bat(on).


@Jimbo_Jones Soooooo sooooooo tempting!

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due to partially foreseen reasons i am removing my comments -snip snip-


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