Alliance joining

many a time new members join alliances only to spend a couple of minutes and leave. this is very annoying, to say the least. i suggest that anyone leaving an Alliance is warned that they will not be able to join another alliance before 24 hours, that should put a stop to all these Holy Grail seekers.

The thing is, in the main, you don’t see all the relevant information before you join an alliance.
So people can join and scroll through chat, look at Titan results, see what happened in the last war. And if you use Line or Discord see what’s written in there to get a better feel of how the alliance works and how the players behave etc.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if a new member looked in and discovered that not everyone hit the Titan, not all war flags were used and there were a couple of aggressive behaviours and so then decided to try somewhere else.

Just my two pennies worth …


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