Alliance issue: please read this


I had an issue occure in my alliance. This player who goes by vollycation was playing in my group and was doing very well. He earned a promotion to co leader. Well he continued doing an excellent job, then last night he kicked all of my good players out that where elders and less. Then he left the alliance right afterwords…my two other co leaders and myself were not on at that moment. Is there something you can do about this or advice of how to get us back up and running…we were in top 100 with out hos help…his actions caused us to be off of top 100…down to 10 players now


@mhalttu @Petri @RubiKinga

Can you help this person out?

@Geodudekanda I would recommend emailing them directly for an issue like this


I would think it very difficult to do anything about this. It is a common problem in many other games. The problem is made bigger in E&P because if the lack of personal message feature so almost now way of finding kicked players and tell them to come back other than shouting in gc.

Best thing to stop this from occurring is to use third party solution like Line, Whatsup or similar so you can tell people to come back when someone is trolling or just have made a mistake with the kick button.

Of course I hope they can at least ban the player responsible but even that might be difficult.


@Geodudekanda: Of course this is a very unfortunate situation. We cannot get involved in any Alliance politics, but we are continuously checking the reports sent through the chat or other channels. We take each player report seriously, and require all players to follow our Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.

I have reviewed our logs accordingly and taken action. It seems that you have already created a new Alliance. This is the best way to proceed, in the case that this happens. /Rubi