Alliance issue-help!

Our alliance needs help - this isn’t exactly a bug, more of a limitation. It’s way too easy to accidently click the leave alliance button, and this happened to our leader when a toddler got hold of the phone. So, our co-leader became leader, but he hasn’t been playing for a while due to medical issues. So, we don’t know if or when he’ll be back. Meanwhile, our alliance is a bit limited due to this. We reallllly don’t want to have to start a new one and leave it behind. We really just need a way to restore the original leader’s status. Is there some way that orsbisoffo could be restored as leader of Nights of Ni, or do we have no option but to try and start from scratch with a whole new alliance? It’d be awesome to see a feature where members or elders could nominate a leader - say if at least 3 elders nominate, then that palyer becomes leader. Also, making that ‘leave alliance’ button a little less easy to tap would help. Any assistance or insight is much appreciated.
Thank you!


That really sucks. I hope they can solve it for you…

I do agree, the leave button should be a little harder to hit. :slight_smile:

I totally agree, I’ve hit that button by misstake atleast 10 times when I gaming a bit abscent minded.

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I haven’t had a problem with the leave button, but I could see it being an issue for some people.

I agree that there should be some power for elders or co-leaders to vote in a new leader. The first alliance I joined saw our leader quit the game after about 2 days, so a bunch of us left and started a new alliance. We’ve put together a pretty awesome alliance since, but it would have been less of a hassle if we could have reshaped the old alliance.

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i agree that sucks lysania but it is better than it was originally. There were no co-leaders and if the leader left the alliance was disbanded. If you do start a new alliance, make sure that there is a leader and at least 2 co-leaders…should help avoid the issue.
they do need to put a security measure on that leave button and maybe place it somewhere else


I agree. There should be a second request button, to make sure they do you wanna leave alliance. I’ve had issues myself where I have accidentally hit the button then having to reapply.

So, we have no Co-Leaders. What happens if I accidentally leave our alliance? I am the Leader Do I need to make Co-Leaders to avert this crisis, Petri?

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Well, I just tested this scenario with my mini Copper account.

If the leader leaves, and there’s no co-leaders or elders, then a member will be promoted to Leader. I only tested with myself and one other, but from what I’ve heard the criteria for the system to choose who get bumped up is ranking first, highest experience second.

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