Alliance: Is Dank Memsters looking for you?


Dank Memsters - 350

The E&P family, Dank Memsters is looking for a few Titan slayers.


  • 2200 (+/- 200) Power
  • CUPS - 200
  • Must be an ACTIVE player
  • Missing titans may result in a kick from the alliance if you have not let the leaders know you are going to be MIA
  • We also use Line for out of game chats

Titans range from 4* - 6* with occasional 7* when everyone attacks

To join our happy troop, just send a request - but be patient in waiting for a reply (we are are not on E&P 24/7, but close to it)

All the best from the members of Dank Memsters!

– Digi-Gen - Co-Leader | Sneaky - Leader


Just a little bump … We still need 3 members.


Currently in need of two sluggers!


2 more needed again. Thanks!