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It would be beneficial to have a way to send out Alliance invites. I fight titans everyday and have had a few people join my alliance that don’t do much of anything. I have another that comes in every few days and fights great, but generally I am defeating the titans alone. If there was an invite option it would be great to send it invites to friends or to tough competitors in the raids. But as of right now, just to keep numbers in the group you end up with people that don’t do anything. What is the point of being a leader, or uping someone to elder does no good, because if you kick the others out that don’t do anything you have no way to replace them.

I would say post your request in the recruitment section of the forum… but we don’t want any more competition for good players :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I agree, my buddy and I made an alliance and nobody is joining. The ability to invite people, even if it’s just people who aren’t in an alliance would help a lot.

Ah, welcome to the horror that is known as Alliance Recruitment.
Endless hours in game chat room for recruitment, weeks creating posters for Line and Discord recruitment rooms. You wonder why you ever bothered to start an Alliance, don’t 'cha?


Depending on your requirements, there’s another way of recruiting. @Pinegator @Azure

I filled mine in like 3 days to the top.

I have another account that was sent on head hunting route - joining every open alliance whose leader was away for a month or more, and putting an ad that invites active player to join us.

From what I can track, everyone who joined that way are happy to be among the active people, we’re slaying titans like big ones (currently 4 star, but as I said, we’re like a week old, and like 4 days in this full number). And many people are already jumped one or two levels, used that flags on titan as well, and are eager to hit new one. It’s impressive.

Those who I had to kick, are mostly recruited through general chat (because they didn’t even notice there’s alliance recruitment chat). And they were low levels, and didn’t hit titan, and didn’t login for 2 days.

However, second account route is tricky if it’s on the same device - with android it currently works ok, by sign in / out of the google games.

However, friend just lost their double (level 20+) on iphone because apple game center messed something up and no matter what friend tried, account can’t be accessed. On second phone and second apple id, but just once it was both on one phone, and it all copied to another phone :sob:

But head hunting can be done that you have a friend, and one of you go to the head hunting route and then come back.

Write informative ad and go. Boring, but successful.

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Interesting idea @ RedPython, @Coppersky spoke about it quite a while ago. Time wise it seems like it would average out to be the same.
Glad it worked for you but l won’t risk my account, l have way to much invested in it. :smile:

If you can gather 20 people in two days in AR channel, then it’s ‘about the same average’. I couldn’t reach such number even for new players (max was like 3-4 for few hours of waiting for new fish to come into the pond). And I spend like total of an hour doing head hunting, in I think 3 waves only.

Those who came through head hunting, mostly are level 10+ and want to play in an active alliance.
From the chat, they had trouble finding the titan, or started and then didn’t come back for 2 days… found another game maybe… so I had to kick them out, so at the end, total waste of my time on that chats.

So for me, it definitely isn’t comparable in time and effort. Head hunting is insanely faster and with significantly better results.

As I said, you need someone to get out of the alliance to the hunt and then go back. I started the alliance alone, so I needed two accounts to do that. So if you already have people you trust, create and ad and ask them to do it and then don’t forget to accept them in time so they don’t be left out because of the flood you created.

However, it would be even faster if we could filter alliance search, like - show only those whose leaders are active in a last week (when we search for an alliance), or ‘not active for a month’, or ‘with less than 1/3 weekly active people’ and so on. Or for that matter ANY filtering (eg alliance size, power, min-max level, requirements and so on)

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I support your idea of having some sort of filter on Alliances. Best idea l have seen in a while.

The problem is to many players want to be leaders and to many beginners are leaders. Recruiting isn’t that hard but keeping them is where the work begins as there are hundreds looking for members everyday.

I actually get more new members when I am not placing ads in chat rooms than when I do.

I have 25 solid members with a few that have left and came back because our Alliance is a very active one and we work as a team helping each other out daily so we are all quite a close bit team. Those that have came back after a month tell me I am one of the best leaders there is.

Plus as a leader I offer many different ways for support which has earned me great respect as a leader.

My co-leader was also very carefully chosen and is like myself always there to help team members and was made leader not through preference by myself but through team vote which makes all the difference and they all respect his every word as well. Respect as a leader is earnt not taken or demanded

Creating a team is not about fighting titans or winning AW’s but it’s about constantly working, supporting, helping and teaching a team to work as one.

I didn’t start doing AW’s till I had 25 players that had spent about a month together getting to know each other and this had contributed (I feel) to us only ever having lost one AW battle so far as we all work as a team/family.

The same goes with titans. My advice is stop trying too hard and concentrate on learning to work well with those you already have and the rest will come in time.

Good Luck

Very well said! I hope everyone who reads this thread takes every word to heart. Being a leader is not about telling people what to do; it is about having patience and helping them grow into their potential.
I applaud your AW record. Keep up the good work!

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So you won’t allow us to remove leaders that are inactive. But there’s no function to Invite players from a previous alliance or players in general to join the new alliance nor am I able to send them a message informing them of the new alliance name so now I’ve lost all the people I played with unless I leave the newly created alliance. Basically this is BS and for this reason alone basically don’t wanna play this game anymore. it’s so frustrating

@EmpiresPuzzles , Inactive leaders should typically be removed from leadership by the system automatically after 30 days as this would prevent these complaints.

Leadership would then be taken over by the next highest member in that alliance who could then pass it on to another member if they didn’t want to be leader.

This would also prevent the by now thousands of dead alliances clogging up and using much needed disc storage space on your system/servers.

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