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I have been on the global chat lots of times and I have realised that there is a common problem throughout the new users that speak English. I only say English because I have been told it doesn’t count in French.
The Invite button is confusing most new users because they are asking for alliances to send invites to them.
Is it possible to change the word from invite to request. I think new members will understand that better.
Thank you.


Yup, not sure why spg didnt fix this a year ago. Such an easy fix that would benefit newbies

Agreed, this should’ve been changed a long time ago. Bumping for it to be noticed. I hope I don’t get in trouble for tagging :sweat_smile:

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Could you elaborate on this? Currently, it says “Request to Join” in English when an Alliance is invite-only.

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can’t speak for the French version - but in German it says ‘Nur auf Einladung’ - which translates to ‘only by invitation’
This is very confusing for many players looking for an alliance. Often they turn up in the recruitment chat, state that they are looking for an alliance and then go off, expecting to find an invite when they come back. If they stay in the chat room, they need to be instructed how to go about applying. It makes the recruiting much more difficult that it needs to be.
It would be better if the button said: ‘Anfragen’ or ‘Bewerben’ in German. I suppose something similar would be better in French (and possibly other languages) as well.

In alliance description in english it is “invite only”, that is whatconfuses, @Petri

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The confusion with the “Invite” button and “Invite Only” (under type) is the alliance isn’t the one doing the Invitation.
The player is requesting entrance to be in the alliance, you aren’t “Inviting” your entrance.

So I agree that the button should be a “Request” to join the alliance and the description should read either “Request Only” or “By Request Only”


In America and the UK it says invite only where it should actually say request because no alliance can send invites to anyone so new players are very confused by that button. I see them regularly on global chat asking alliances to send them an invite and then everyone is typing to tell them that it’s actually a request they need to send.
I do know in other languages this isn’t a problem apparently.
Thank you for your post.

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