Alliance Improvement Ideas

I really believe that Alliances should be more in the centre of the game.
At the moment Alliance is just a way to get better items with titans and wars, you can be lucky and find some friends inside (and also create a telegram chat maybe) but at the end all you can do is kill 1 titan per day and collect a war chest every 5 wars.

So why not make it better?
I’m sharing some ideas now, but my goal is to create a topic where all the ideas about Alliances could be collected

  1. I’ve read an old topic talking about “Alliance Hall” (by @Altair) , a place where members could donate stuffs (food, iron, items, recruits, heroes, etc) to buy things to place into the hall. This hall could be visited by new members that want to join to see how good people in the alliance work well togheter.

  2. Trophy Hall. Similar to the first one, but a place where you can see the heads or parts of the killed titans.
    There could be individual record damage on a single hit and team shortest time to kill for every titan (suggested by @SADERSpanda)

  3. Alliance Buildings. There should be a map for the alliance, smaller than the one players have. You can have a shared farm and mine, where members can gather food and iron once a day, a forge to create “improvements” for wars (field aid, arrows, bonus attack, bonus defense, resurrect), a blacksmith where you can build machines for wars (a machine that kill one defense team, a bigger machine that kills 2 or 3 of the nearby teams, a machine that kills a random team, a defensive machine that protect a team to be attacked, etc), a lodge where you can buy stuff to help with titans (a big bomb, an item that slow the mana generation for 1 hour, an item that change the titan color for 1 hour, etc.), an house where you can create summon tokens (Silver, Troop, Hero, Atlantis, Valhalla, Legend, Keys)

  4. A shared Pov for Alliances.

  5. Of course, a place to share items with other members. (there is full of topics about this)

  6. A dedicated summoning portal. It would be great if every alliance could have a monthly summoning gate, with 30 heroes inside, and every member could just pull one of them. Same odds for every hero [see the end], when a member catch one nobody can get him anymore. If there are less than 30 pulls some heroes will stay in the gate. 1 past HotM, 1 5* Season 1, 1 5* Season 2, 1 5* Season 3, 4 4* Season 1, 1 4* Season 2, 1 4* Season 3, 16 3* Season 1, 2 3* Season 2, 2 3* Season 3. The coin for the gate could be gathered by some quests or by the PoV (that could be monthly)
    [the odds will be the same only initially, for a specific hero it will increase after every call that don’t pull that hero, of course]

  7. More Alliance roles. If all the things I’ve posted before could be reality, there will need someone who decide what to do. The leader will have too many duties, so he/she could nominate a Builder (that decide which building to create or improve), a Designer (who decide what to buy for the Alliance Hall), an Hunter (who decide which item to create in the lodge and when to use them), a War Master (same for the balcksmith and forge and when to use them for wars), an Alchemist (for the coins). Everything must be approved by the leader (and two co-leaders maybe?) before it would be effective.

  8. Practice Hall. A place where you can fight against another member defense team. It could be great to check our defences, or finding a good strategy to get rid of a particular hero in defense (like the Telly-Vela duo)

  9. Give us an alliance tournament (as suggested by @Agl)

  1. Alliance Gods @Peter-lotj

I would love to see and alliance based trading post. A place where memebers of an alliance can trade good and even heroes amongst the memebers of their alliance. I think the founder of the alliance should be in charge of the trading post and be able to invite or kick out memebers from the trading post as they see fit.

In-alliance trading is a very old idea. See here:

[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

You have some unique ideas here, but if trading will be the backbone of your suggestion, this thread will need to be closed as a duplicate.

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I think that trading is just one aspect of this. I love the ideas you have put forwards. Definitely something, I think many would be interested in. I have seen “alliance/guild halls” in other computer games but never a phone game

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I’m the one always shouting
Give us an alliance tournament.:grin:

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I know that trading Is a old idea, that’s why I only spent very few words about that: it’s not the centre of my thread.

I think that the best improve will be a way to increase war’s features, making them real wars and not just raids. Equipment or machines will turn It into a strategic game where decisions could make a difference, instead of the luck of a good board.
Points 3-7-8 are connected for this purpose.

The summon thing could be helpful for Alliances to increase rosters for the new members (also giving a chance for Atlantis Heroes to be found too after finishing season 2)

Point 1 and 2 are just a way to have fun togheter, and see what happen

It will surely be fun :smile:
Alliance Olympic games

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  1. Love this idea. How about individual record damage on a single hit and team shortest time to kill for every titan?

  2. This would be fun. Or even a list of tasks to do. Face off against another alliance in a race. Compete for ???

  3. I like this idea just to try out new lineups and be in game more. Share vids within the alliance. Also a way to build more stats, than the limited flags we have now.

Overall this topic needs much more attention!



An Olympic style matchup for alliances and have a points system for each section/event. Because it would be for the entire alliance have it use averages for titans. Have quests that need to be completed with total participation as part of that. Wars could be awarded points by averages in points per alliance member and kill averages. Have it last a set amount of time. A week or two. If it was at least a week you could have couple wars and several titans so averages and participation over the course of time would have to be kept up. Some alliances would become stronger beacause of it.

I like this one.

Remember we vote though on one unified idea, so if the OP wants to include any suggestions, that should be added to their first post.

Carry on, y’all. :wink::+1:

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Made just right now!

I would already appreciate subtitles. Reflecting only hierarchy in a social game is - meh :wink:
Rather than having a member - naming someone the fiesty one, savage bunny, etc etc etc. would give an Alliance a higher fun level and a better representation of themselves.

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To me only 4 seems like a great idea. The others are either hard to implement properly or not interesting enough.

And we are supposed to guess which 4 you liked?!?!? :sweat_smile:

Thanks @LukeITA for the suggestions, nice to hear that somebody spends some energy thinking how to get the game better…
I also think that the alliance should have more importance/space.

I find the Olimpics really interesting and the training hall as well as a place to check the stats of past wars/titans could be really useful.

But we’ll see, SG isn’t really showing efforts to change the game right now, except for adding new special pulls…

Each alliance could also choose to worship a Divinity that would grant small benefits (attack or defense) during wars, and/or daily rewards. Each alliance member would contribute to levelling this worshipping based on his daily activities (e.g number of defeated enemies), or by investing spare resources. If we push it even further, this Divinity could even be invoked at times against titans.

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Very good idea, added in the First post.
Thank you

Great idea, in my opinion should implement internal challenges to the alliance, internal raids, surely the market inside the alliance will remain a dream of all and will never be realized.

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