Alliance improvement idea: “Infrastructure Work"

This came from the same discussion as “Alliance Hall” – also in this thread. I’m posting it second because (IMO) it would be somewhat harder to code.

Infrastructure Work

  • Each Alliance gets a new “alliance province map”, probably accessible off the Map screen. This map represents the Alliance’s “home province”.
  • Just like province maps and the quest map, this new province has nodes on it. They can be single-stage (like province nodes) or multi-stage (like quest nodes).
  • The nodes represent tasks to keep the home province functional. They would be things like “clear goblins from an iron mine”, “defend a supply caravan”, “kill the bridge troll”, “destroy the forest bandits”. They would take World Energy to clear (though I can see some of them being structured like Raids and take Raid Energy).
  • This map is shared between alliance members. Members can see reservations (just like on the AW screen). When one member clears a node, the node is cleared for all members of the alliance. (The nodes should offer loot that’s slightly worse than a comparative-difficulty province or quest node.)
  • A node stays cleared for a predetermined amount of time (something like 24 hours). Then it reverts to being not cleared.
  • While a node is in the “cleared” state, every member of the alliance gets a small bonus of some kind. +X% to food/iron generation, Province/Map quests yielding slightly better loot, etcetera.


Voted cuz awesome! Nuf said.

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I like it. More group activities. Simple tasks. A little reward.

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Interesting idea! :slight_smile: