Alliance ideas


I wish there was a way we could help our alliance or crew to trade different items with each other. Plus have more ranks in the alliance. Ex. Founder, leader, Co leader, field Marshall, lieutenant, Captain, soldiers prospect etc etc. And also a alliance bank as well so we as leader could help each other out.


Trading would change the game economy totally. So it would to be quite limited or many people would rush to max power fast.

New ranks could be fun to distinguish people, but would there be any practical use? Now rank gives you different powers. What is the difference between field marshall and lieutenant. Like elder can accept application, coleader can promote, demote, kick, change description, rules, name and leader can do everything.


Hi this has been discussed and brought to the attention of the davs now we wait until update 1.6 happens then we will see


It’s not included in v1.6.1…maybe the next one! :expressionless: