Alliance History

The ‘Chat’ option for an alliance only goes back a few days. I propose that the history be visible going back completely (lazy loading on scrolling back). This would allow for members and leaders to keep track of what happened in titans / wars and membership without copying outside of the game.
Additionally, w/in alliance stats would also be very useful.
Player X, time within alliance Y, Wars Participated In, War Flags Used, Total War damage, Total Titan Damage, Titan Flags Used, Averages…

This has annoyed me since I began playing. I had assumed, wrongly, that it would go back indefinitely like any other chat. It would be helpful when pointing out where you asked a certain player to hit a certain AW opponent and “They didn’t see it” so threw themselves uselessly against a wall :wink:

Yeah. I have to keep a spreadsheet every day to track who is active so I know when to promote, denote, warn and kick. Gets annoying at times.

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