Alliance help building


In Alliance, member should be able to help each other to reduce the time on buildings. Also 3* heroes shouldn’t as be difficult to get 4 or 5* is…


Nissa, there’s already some good ways to get guaranteed 3s from the game. Any epic or special summons will net you at least a 3*, and training camp 12 will only pump out 3*s.


Thats correct. I have one 4* , two 3* stars and two 2* but what im saying in the daily summons you have a chance to get a 3* hero or troops but intead my luck i roll the same char every other time in daily summons. Im not complaining that the heroes are hard to get all together but just in daily summons the same thing over and over again kinda gets old


I expect to get 1-2* heroes only from daily summons.

If I want a 3*, I make them with a lvl 12 Training Camp. If I want a 4*, I try a lvl 13 Training Camp and treat it like the lottery (low chance to win), or I use 300 gems at the Elemental or Epic summons.

I recognize that 4-5* heroes are rare, and expect to see them rarely accordingly.


@Rook, a little update on training camp 20… 25 trainings and I have 2 x 4* heroes… and as of today a Lianna! Definitely worth the push to get there!


Awesome @Coppersky! This is welcome news!! :call_me_hand: