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Hi Everyone,

Executive Summary : Allow for alliances to form bonds between alliances that allow communication across alliances and member movement between alliances by leadership.

Allow me to start off this suggestion with an unfortunate Anecdote. I am part of an alliance that has a training alliance. The main alliance has more strict participation requirments and operates at a higher level than the training alliance. It is kept full by promoting members from the training alliance when players leave or get kicked for inactivity.

Unfortunately we recently came across a few unfortunate events that have left us with some difficult moral dilemma’s. One of our founding members unfortunately went AWOL for an extended period. Being a founding member he was granted a lot of leeway but unfortunately after a long period away we were forced to kick him from the alliance. A more troubling dilemma however is the unexpected death of one of our member’s mother. The player warned us that he would be innactive and that we were allowed to kick him if required. Of course we understand that real life comes first, it is a staple, of our alliance so here we sit. With an inactive member that we sorely want to keep with us but is holding the alliance back.

In both these cases we would prefer to keep the players around but as leadership we are powerless to take action unless the players actually come online and actively move to the training alliance where participation isn’t required.

We have also noticed a trend that players prefer to stay in the traning alliance where they have formed friendships with the other members and would like to be able to continue their conversations in the game.

This leads me to my suggestion. It would be amazing if we could take this unofficial training alliance and other alliance groups and allow for these structure inside the game. The following features would be desired :

  • Alliances leaders can search for an alliance and propose an association between their own alliance and the other alliance. The alliance then becomes an associated Alliance.

  • In addition to the alliance and global chats a third chat could be added where members of all associated alliances can chat. Here members can communicate between all alliances within the association.

  • Alliance leadership should be able to move players from one alliance to the other. Each player gets an additional option in their player info screen that leadership can select. Players can be Promoted, Demoted or Moved.

  • When moving a player the leadership chooses which associated alliance they wish to move a player to. The leader of the receiving alliance must then accept the player like they would any player who applies to a closed alliance.

  • Optional. The player gets three days to either accept or refuse the movement. If the three days pass the move is automatically accepted.

  • Players can see associated alliances in the alliance screen and propose a move themselves by tapping associated alliances and pressing join.

The main upsides :

  • Leadership gains a diplomatic tool for players that go AWOL that both benefits the alliance and the players.
  • Facilitates the moving of players amongst alliances.
  • Allows for communication across alliances within a group within the game.
  • Removes social ties preventing players from moving within the group and promotes social interaction amongst members and the sharing of knowledge



I love this idea. I was thinking same thing. You have saved me a lot of time honing ideas and typing. My situation in particular is probably similar to most. I love my alliance mates, and while the participation is there, it’s obvious that a few of us remain more strategic (obsessed) than others. Yet, I don’t want to lose touch and would look forward to them transitioning from a lower team to a bigger team. Alliances are already doing it, but it’s all ad hoc. Would help the game to remain sticky.

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This is the bit I don’t agree with. If a player chooses to join an alliance it shouldn’t be up to someone else to move them elsewhere. I’d suggest the option could be that leadership could suggest that a member move but that it would, in any time limit, be up to the member if they move or not.

Kick members out. If they want to return to any related alliance they can.

There’s additionally a problem with war loot as movements, in 94% of circumstances, would result in a loss for the player moving. Perhaps a proportional credit of war chest loot might follow a player that had voluntarily moved.

Fine for leaders to suggest movments but beyond that the system would be open for abuse. A leader could create a duplicate login, increase to player level 5 and use 50 gems to create an alliance and use it as a doghouse for players they want to push that way. Don’t have a “this is your destiny unless you refuse” option. Say, “it could really help use out if you move over there at least for now”.

Alternatively, this could work as:

The player gets x days to either accept or refuse the movement. If the x days pass the move is automatically made but a reserved place is kept for them in the original alliance. A moved player could then recieve options such as: accept, return and leave.

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