Alliance Gem Offer ("Share the Gems" and Valentine's Day) Improvement – Disallow Players that Join an Alliance After Offer Has Started from Receiving Gems

The alliance gem offer is great, but should not allow players that join an alliance after the offer has started to reap in the rewards. Noticed alot of players jumping many alliances to get the most gems possible.

I agree. Alliances currently have only one way to stop this and that is to make it ‘invite only’ when this type of awesome offer is presented.

Although that’s easy enough to do it’s just another task for the leader.

I have no data to work from and wouldn’t imagine huge numbers of players are joining multiple alliances rapidly to try gain extra gems. However, from a moral point one is to many IMHO.

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Yah, it sucks. Some players are just jerks.


I can see this hurting Alliance groups where players move around, invited players who installed the game after the offer started but got the invite days ago, new players that were recruited into the alliance, etc.

Any changes that hurts players chasing free gems, hurts lots of others.

I personally prefer leaving it alone.


Does it actually make a difference at all?? If somebody hops from alliance to alliance hoping for extra gems I don’t think they’re actually getting extra gems. If they would stay put in one alliance they’d get the offer several times over, possibly 29 times. If they jump around, they’re looking at joining alliances where it’s uncertain that people will buy the offer at all and possibly everyone who will buy the offer already has, in which case they might get like one or two people to buy the offer while they’re hopping alliances but mostly they’re ■■■■ out of luck. Additionally, 30 gems is basically nothing. Don’t worry about it.


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