Alliance food/Iron community chest

Would it be nice to have a communitychest where members can put in excess Iron and food for other members to take out at a much llower ate than the store is offering? Also rule: you have to be a member for at leest a month before you can withdraw…

Better yet, store your own food and iron in TC and HA, because, at some point down the road, you’ll definitelly need it…

The idea is to help your team members. Not yourself. Otherwise your suggestion os the right one

Only ideal for training alliances. Players will move on to find better and greener pastures, i.e. high level titans, more organized war strategy, etc. For high leveled players, they don’t need the community chest as they will farm and farm and farm and spend iron and food to emblem more heroes or craft battle items.

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Nice idea but I doubt very much that SG would ever implement it. But my view would also be why limit it to ham and iron, ideally I would like to share all my unwanted “resource” to my all alliance colleagues

Too exploitable. Someone will create 30 accounts of their own - 29 farms and 1 main. Pass all resources to their main account = profit.


Yes quite agree - that’s why SG doesn’t agree to this type of request. My point is if they ever do (?) it shouldn’t be limited to certain resource- which is as you say then easily exploited…

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