Alliance Featured Message Updates (v22) Feedback & Discussion

I just got the update on one tablet. I like that they’ve condensed the icons on the bottom of the screen again. I wasn’t happy with the messiness of having them all exposed.

I’m not sure I like the change to the featured message. The banner drop down is nice but I think the blue background doesn’t stand out as well as the gold did.

Also, the formula for increasing font size [%145] shows the text is larger when I edit the message but isn’t actually increasing the font.


where do we go to report bugs in the update?

It depends. Is there already an existing thread for your particular bug or is it a new issue and requires a new thread.

What’s your bug? We can help you determine the right course of action.

The heroes are pixelated after being trained on the android app. The same occurs, when you click on the ? mark to look at a heroes attributes, they are pixelated for half a second then turn to clear

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Hi all

I have noticed the looks of the featured message have changed.

  • Color is back to blue again

  • Can be collapsed and folded out again

  • Can be completely hidden showing only a red/orange !

  • Can be edited more easy by pushing the pencil in the message itself

I like the cosmatic changes that when you click the message it pops up and shows you the featured message in full. Really looks a lot better than the ‘old version’.

But as a co-leader I have my doubts about the changes.
We all have these 1 or 2 members that are not online as much as the rest, and have trouble being reached. The yellow version was a lot more visible than this blue one that can easily be mistaken for ‘regular chat’ as it is in the same color.
When the not so attentive players by accident close the message they will only see the red/orange ! and this is easy to be missed.
We have our internal communication about war (tank, tactics, timing etc) in this message. Will try to monitor how this will end up and see if players can find the message easily or not.
Personally I would love to see the yellow-ish color back so it is more easy to be seen and gets more attention.

Thnx @zephyr1 have missed this thread for some reason

Edit 2: At below statement of @zephyr1, confirmed! When message is changed it will pop out and you will be faced with the new message.
I like this idea a lot! Make it more visible for members this way!!!


It should also pop up the message the first time someone enters chat after the message has been updated — at least it was doing that in Beta.

One slightly confusing thing about that is it won’t do it if you were the one who updated the message, so alliance Leaders/Co-Leaders may not realize it does that.


Our members seem pleased with the cosmetic changes to the featured message. They are probably just happy that the font increase isn’t working and they don’t need to “hear” me shouting at them.

Frankly, there are times I need to shout so PLEASE do whatever it takes to enable the font increase again.


Like the new featured message upgrades. Very nice.

Just a couple of fixes relating to how it was in the old banner.

  1. Please fix the increased font [%] as we used this to express important notices that needed to be noticed without fail. Like for example LET THE TITAN GO.

  2. the gold background much nicer BUT having said that if the reason for the blue is the size as Gold that large might turn out to be an eye sore.
    I can live with the way it is.

  3. if the ability to add coloured text [#] isn’t to hard to impliment then please allow us to be able to do so

  4. Also making links added clickable would be a great advantage as I often refer members back to links in the forum but most of them tell me they can’t be bothered rewriting the link in a browser. Making it clickable would help everyone I am sure.

Orher than these the actually banner is great although I am sure some would if prefered it on the front home screen ad you log in. I read above sone one mentioning this was so for none leaders and co-leaders but I can confirm 100% that this is NOT the case as that even normal members see it only in the chatroom.