Alliance Featured Message/Pinned Message Should Be Visible Without Opening Chat

Original Suggestion (this part is implemented!)

The pinned message is a fabulous addition to the game but it is disappointingly “unobvious” I would like it to stand out more from normal chat please. Simply giving it a different colour background would be enough, or make the text larger :slight_smile:

Edit: really quick response from SG on this one! Thank you :heart_eyes:

Still Suggested & Unimplemented

It would also be far more effective/useful if members could see it without opening the chat page, sometimes people are in a rush!

One option that I find works well is to change the text color, which you can do in the current version.

This is a good contrasting color to the background:

[#ffd700]Your featured message goes here.


I already use that in normal chat, but it would be nice if it was already set up to stand out more :slight_smile:

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Yes, ours is displaying multiple colours (I actually posted an issue about editing it in the bugs and issues section) and it is very noticeable.
I wouldn’t mind a different background either as long as it’s not too bright, I want it to stand out, but not too much (too distracting).


I’d like to see this message outside a chat. Not all alliance members open a chat window, so they can’t see this message. I thought it would appear under an alliance description or above it…


I agree with you, it’s placement could be improved as well!

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Featured Message Background & Alert

Instead of a different background ( I like this one ) an option to change the border to ten preselected color options would make it stand out more.


Personally I would prefer people use Line / Discord/ Etc than have Devs use development cycles improving alliance chat.

However a compromise could be a ① in green on the alliance tab when the Featured Message is changed. This would let all teammates know to check the Featured Message.


This is another way it could be done :slight_smile: As to discord etc, they are great, but the pinned message is most relevant to the more impulsive members, I want to grab their attention! The rest are following chat enough that I don’t need the pinned message at all lol

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I’m really enjoying having the featured message. It’s so much better than constantly posting messages regarding the titan - stop fighting/keep fighting - over and over as the message gets lost in the game chatter.

We use coloured text and increase the font but I like the idea of coloured borders to really make it pop!

Still, a great improvement that was requested and given!


Since the new update, the pinned message is much more visable! Thank you SG! :heart_eyes:


Woot! Woot!


Do you think this topic can be closed now? Or since it is multiple suggestions should it stay open? Or a new one started for the Not implemented portions?

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I think keeping it for the unimplemented portion makes sense. I’ll update accordingly.

EDIT: I updated the top post and title a bit, to make it clearer what the current suggestion being recommended/voted on is. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I noticed in a few alliances I visited…some have an “x” in the corner of the banner so you can

hide the message. In my alliance we don’t have the “x” and can not find a setting to change it. I really liked the option of being able the banner…can anyone explain why we don’t have it or how to get it?

We don’t have an X, only with the popup box to close it.

Should almost be a message like when there is an update

Totally unmissable really and any real player who cares will go into chat to see what us going on, plus it’s always there where as a popup can be easly dismissed and ignored if the player doesn’t feel like reading it and then forgotten about once closed.

If possible, can we consider an option for viewing of an alliances featured message on the main screen?

So right now, only way to see featured message is by clicking on chat box to open it full were the message is at the top. Love it

However, I believe there are tons of players who forget, dont have time, or not interested on accessing chat. Doesnt mean these players are not participating. So here’s what I purpose

Display featured message were that chat box is displayed. Make it primary display and link it with the chat icon. One click cycles to chat, another click and it disappears like it does now.

I believe it will be highly utilized. For example, nee rare titan appears and you want make sure all members realize it reflects red hero attacks. Or war is coming up and you need members to remember to opt out if needed.

We have asked for a way to send notifications to players and this would be a really simple way to implement the previously suggested idea.


Actually it does mean they are NOT participating because if they were they go into the chatroom for updates. Not being rude here but that’s plain and simple.

How old is that feature? Not so old. We have members, I guess they didn’t open the chat for half a year… I’m sure, they don’t know something like this exists…

@Ozy1 no rudeness taken. We have a few members who hit titan every now and then, but they go all out in war. Just an example

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