Alliance Featured Message Missing in Version 20.1.1

After updating to version 20.1.1
l no longer have access to Featured Alliance Message.


I have the same issue.


I’m in the same alliance, Northern Bears and we have no featured messages in the alliance. I’m trying to put in a trouble ticket but it only takes me to the forum anymore. So I’m here to report the problem. It came with the last 2 builds from SGG & of course they won’t take notice unless it’s on the forum.

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After the recent update to version 20.1.1, I too do not have access to Featured Alliance Message.

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Question - When you say you ‘don’t have access to the featured message’, what exactly does that mean?

  1. Should there be a message in the chat screen but you don’t see it? Ex. Are others seeing it but you aren’t?
  2. Are you a leader/co-leader and can’t access it to apply a new message?

If it’s the 1st one and no one in your alliance can see a message, it could be that no message has been applied. If there’s no message in the box, the box does not appear at the top of the chat screen.

If it’s the 2nd scenario, when no message has been applied the leader/co-leader has to access the alliance message through the Alliance —> Settings button.

Do either of these suggestions fix the issue for anyone?

Hope they help! Just trying to eliminate any ‘Oops! I didn’t realize that!’ scenarios so the exact cause can be identified :grin:

Thank you for your thoughtful reply,
TMaxdk, Raven, Legna & l are members of the same alliance.
We are respectively, Leader, Co-leader, &Elders. We are aware that only Leaders & Co-leaders can post such messages, however, our entire alliance misses this feature.
There is no featured message at all.
No where to input, and the one we had set no longer appears in our Alliance chat.
Thanks for being helpful

@Azure you mentioned there is no place to enter a featured message. Please have you leader or a co-leader try the following steps. Hopefully, this should solve your problem. If not, a support ticket is your next stop.

  1. Tap on the Alliance icon at the bottom of the main game screen:

  2. On the Members, Titans or War tab, tap on the Settings button:

  3. On the Alliance Settings screen, tap in the white box labeled ‘Featured Message’:

  4. Enter a message

  5. Tap the Save button

  6. Tap into chat:

  7. You should see the Featured Message box appear at the top of the chat screen:

Once the Featured Message box appears on the chat screen, your leader or co-leader should be able to change the message from the box on the chat screen. If the message is ever completely removed from the box, the Featured Message box will disappear. To get it to reappear, you will need to follow the above steps.

Hope this gets it fixed for your alliance! If you have any issues following them, let me know and I’ll try to answer your questions. If need be, Id be glad to hop into you alliance with an alt and see if I can help :grin:


Thank you for taking the time and effort to put together such a comprehensive post.
I am certain it will be highly valued by those who are new to this game and forum. You are a wonderful asset here and very thorough.
Unfortunately your elegant solution does not solve our problem.
Thankfully yours,

@Azure I’m really sorry to hear that :worried: I was hoping it was just a step that someone had overlooked and this would correct the issue.

As you said, it’s documented. Perhaps someone else will have this issue and use it to find their solution.


I cleared the message from our message board and the chst said I had removed the featured message. Previously it just showed a black featured message.

The setting for it was still there and when I typed a word in it, it showed up again.

I’m not sure it’s an actual bug, but it’s a change from its first inception.

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