Alliance featured message formatting

I have to believe this is posted somewhere, so please forgive me for re-posting and just point me in the right direction. I read that formatting is available in the alliance featured message, but I don’t know how to do it. Even something as simple as a line break. I’m familiar with HTML, but the
tag didn’t work, so it must be something else. Is there a place that lists all the markup supported in the alliance featured message and (ideally) an example of how it is used?

For line breaks (on Android OS) I type my message up on an external editor. If you copy and paste it comes on to the game with the line break. Not sure if this works on IOS though. And I’m also not sure if there’s a special character in the editor or not…

For colors, check the first image in this thread for good ones to use in the featured message: Helpful Infographics

Changing font sizes iirc only works on the alliance banner, dunno if it works on the featured message. Check this thread out for an example and the how-to: Text formatting - #14 by uvekolarz

[%xx] your text

where xx = percentage number. Default is 100, you can double it in size with 200 and half normal size with 50 for e.g.


Well, that’s disappointing! Something that should be so simple.

This is helpful, especially since I’m already familiar with hex codes and percentage sizing from HTML. Thanks.

It doesn’t work on my iPad.

I was trying to draw a map of war targets using X and o characters, lined up like the battlefield and it didn’t work…

We really need this feature! It would be great to insert html, or at least use emphasis and set monospacing as well.

One of our Guildmates made a war layout. If you are on line app, look up my username greeneyes
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I’ll be more than happy to give you the blank form.
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So please feel free to reach out. I can send the picture to you on the Line App.
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