Alliance Featured message 'enter' option — add support for multiple line text box, instead of a single line

It would be really nice to have the option to use the enter function so you will not get a wall off text in the featured message.
I tried using double ‘space’ but this doesn’t work either.

If somebody has another way to make it more clear and readable I am open to suggestions.

We use it normally to update for titan, war, general info (i.e. there is an update).
For us it would be great if this could be added.

@zephyr1 thnx for making more clear in the tittle what I wanted to express :wink:

An easy fix which I follow is, I type whatever I want to in a notepad or some similar app (in a way in which you want it to appear) and then just copy and paste it into the feature message field. Apparently, when you copy or paste something in the game chat or feature message board, it recognizes the enter character and shows up properly. Although, it won’t show you in the preview so don’t get misled by that :slight_smile:

But, yes, an in game option to enter the next line character would be pretty useful.


No problem! And I agree, it’s very cumbersome in the current system.

It doesn’t seem to work on my iPad. I just reported that as a bug.

I agree. Currently it’s very difficult to do multi line in the featured message. Given the space that you have it would have been nice if they had just filled the whole screen with a text editor rather than used the single line text field that’s currently there.

AS of now you can’t add spaces or additional lines (returns/enter keys) between words this makes it very difficult to separate messages pertaining to titans vs War info vs other notes that remain constant. If we could just add additional spaces or even have a return it would help organize the alliance banner propaganda substantially :slight_smile:

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The workaround as described by @ThePirateKing still works fine for me.

While trying to edit the banner or alliance description on an iOS device the formatting is ruined; any returns or new lines is remove the moment you tap inside.

Please have this work the same as Android devices.

The left shows the banner before trying to edit, the right side is after.

QoL improvement for 2021 should be to revamp the game chat. If the community is really the reason people stay on board, make it community friendly!

Loved the hand and flex hieroglyphics, um, I mean emojis. Let’s see more advancements SGG!


This doesn’t work for Apple devices, the “enter/new lines” are removed.

Not for iPads or iPhones.