Alliance EXP Bonus

Playing in Alliance have some benefits ( titan chest, was chest, gifts ) , this idea is about to get another interesting bonus for player, if playing in good Alliance.

Each active member bring for Alliance members bonus of +1% to gained experiences from map or quest stages, for each day of innactivity will this bonus be lower -0,1 %, after 10 days of inactivity it will be 0%.

Example for better understanding : in Alliance are 30 active members, each member get + 30% experiences from map or quest.

Leader an Co-leader get higher bonus, it will be multiplied by 1,2.
Member get lower bonus, multiplied by 0,8.

Bonus for/from new member will be active after 10 days of joining an alliance.
Bonus will be active after 10 days after an Alliance was found.
Alliance must have at last 5 players to get the bonus.

Interesting idea

A few possible issues people are likely to raise:

  • would alliances then promote everyone to co-leader? Which risks the wrong people being able to kick etc

  • why should people in alliances smaller than 5 be penalised?

  • this would be another disadvantage for people who help other alliances, Merc or visit friends


I thought, it is not possible to promote everyone to co-leader :slight_smile: … co-leader, is in my opinion, right hand of leader, kind of “high management” , thats why was the idea, should get some % extra. Decide, who and how much co-leaders will be in ally, is on leader, and if leader decide, to make all members co-leaders, he take the cosequences.

Smaller ally penalisation,… must not be, like the 10 days waiting time for newcomers ( of course, visit ally with less bonus will be handicap, but player like me, will not care about some loses exp )

  • in Alliance will be show the amount of active bonus

Sorry for me, it just would not work.
My alt is in a purposely small less than 5 alliance and it’s invite only. That because my grandchildren are in there with me and it provides a degree of “protection”.
So why penalise the “little” people.
And in the “full” thirty member alliances it may drive the wrong type of behaviour


…what is this for a reason why not ?..u wanna play alone or in small ally ?, ok, you get your small bonus… i think tousends of player can make such improvement happy and u and the little people can reach level 5-6 % faster as now and u call this penalisation ? :smiley:

Interesting idea but a little unfair really. I don’t think it would be right to receive more exp than my members if we do exact the same amount of work. Chances are if this was ever implemented every alliance would be full of co leaders

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