Alliance event idea- Titan Tower

Lets be honest…Monster island was a really terrible event. Scrap it.

Make a simple tower with Titans of increasing difficulty. Im not getting paid, so you can fill on the rest of the blanks.

jesus christ we don’t need another f’n tower…

and pretty sure most players like monster island…


Could i interest you in a titan pyramid? :slight_smile:

The game caps out at 14* titans, and a good portion of alliances are capping damage to avoid them dying too quickly. Mythics are ok, but you never really get the satisfaction of killing them. This would be a good place to introduce 14*+ titans and let alliances go ham on “standard” titan hits.

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muting the thread as i fail to see the point. wanna go “ham” for high scores, there’s an event every week it seems to do such a thing.

why players think they need another way to stroke their ego is beyond me.

mythic titans, towers, challenge events, alliance quest, soon monster island, until you and your team is chaining top 100 ranks in all of those things, plus chaining war chests…you’ve got plenty of room to grow before more challenges are implemented, think if i were you that’s where i’d spend my time instead of these “grand ideas”…

why do people ask for more challenges when they haven’t mastered the ones in front of them?

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Devs misreads this and thinks you mean you want an Event with exclusively 5-star heroes that are recycled titan artwork, Special Skills that slaughter even Musketeer heroes, and have passives that prevent the use of all status ailments, damage from minions AND fiends

They’ll have time for that. Dominion of Dragons might get scrapped though. And no QoL updates for the “freeloaders” or whatever they call people that don’t spend money on every 8 offers that’s active on any given day.

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Eyes are bigger than the stomach!

Titans are boring and towers need too much time, combined would make most annoying event so far.

Monster island is cool and if someone wants to do massive hits on titans its possible here since personal score doesn’t matter at all.

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Monster Island is a radical departure from normal gameplay - they tried something new and different.

Is it great at the moment (or at least last time we saw it) ? No, sadly it wasn’t - BUT it has potential and the versions we saw were Global BETA.

Does it need a lot of work? Yes - and the fact it’s vanished off the radar currently would seem to imply SGG/Zynga think so too.

Should it be scrapped? IMHO NO. Monster Island 2.0 could re-ignite interest.

Then there’s Dominion of Dragons coming at some point too :smile:

Could be two lights in the darkness.

But first there’s Goblin Village - jury’s out on that one at this current time.

Monster Island is easily the favourite event of EVERYONE in our alliance. In fact, we have players looking to retire who are just waiting on one more Monster Island.

We would happily scrap all other alliance events in favour of just having a monthly or bi-monthly Monster Island!

Monster Island was the best thing ever in this game.