Alliance entry and exit limit

Hello, I would like to propose a discussion, about a limit of entry and exit of the alliance at most 3x, after that the game would not allow the return.
I play in a smaller alliance below the top 100, I see that there is a lot of turnover, former members who ask to return and leave again for several reasons.
Members who go out to attack titans in other alliances and then want to return.
It would be an option to avoid this turnover which, in my view, is harmful.

Isn’t that what the invite option is for?


It is strange that even with the option of invitation we are still subject to these entries and exits we have a lot of control with entry of members but with the arrival of the path of value the members became more nomadic in search of titas.

I do not believe your particular problem is solved by more restriction. I would first suggest that you build a better community within your alliance.


Some alliances are very merc friendly and when their titans are a pass or dies quickly the members go out to merc. Plus you have family alliances that members travel between to help out and stuff and limitations like this would negatively effect those types of alliances. The best suggestion I can make is be stricter with your rules and expectations if these types of things bother you


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