Alliance Energy

One of the issues I have run into in several alliances so far is the alliance doesn’t view itself as a team and that players (mercenaries) are recruited or join just to battle titans and leave. This has continued even after Alliance Wars were introduced.

In my opinion, this undermines the team objective of the alliance. Why does a player not in an alliance have alliance energy? They are not choosing to be a part of one.

I would suggest one of two implementations:

  1. If a players changes alliances, their alliance energy drops to zero. In effect, alliance energy is associated with the alliance you are currently a part of.

  2. A player must pay 1 alliance energy to leave an alliance, and pay 1 alliance energy to join a new alliance.

The true mercs will still have the ability to do this using alliance energy potions. For most players, they will need to learn to work together.

People are already lockled into alliances 4 out of 7 days due to wars.
Why the hate towards mercs?
Easier solution would be to find an alliance that is more team oriented. Both my alt and my main are in team oriented alliance

We had a 7DD merc visit months ago and when he left we were a better alliance thanks to his visit. He even announced he was mercing and said he would leave if we wanted him to.


Must we have to wait 4 hours to regenerate Alliance Energy to fight Titans?
Can you please lower it to 2 hours? Sometimes I barely get a shot in.

No. Simply no.

If they shorten that time, titans will be made bigger and tougher. We would need to use more consumables. And (almost) everybody would be sad, angry, annoyed and irritated.

So no. Big no.



That’s another nail in the coffin. The game is starting to get annoying. The raid matchups are biased (to force spending more food), the board is definitely not random. I understand the purpose of the game is to make money for the creators, but it starts to wear thin after a while. Oh well.

Most of your statements are wrong.
This is a summary of the information you will find if you look around a little on the forum.

Boards and RNG
The boards are random. Just accept that its your perception that makes you think otherwise.

Raids are matched on cups, not “team power”. Just accept it and reroll, or drop cups, or stop raiding.

Game content
There are plenty of things to do. Map levels, quests, titans, raids, events, alliance wars, seasonal quests.
If none of this is fun. Then quit and find something more fun and productive to do with your time.

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Thank you for your unsolicited advice and opinion.

I’ll do what I please and when I wish.

Have a nice day.

Well actually if you post your opinion in an open forum like this you are welcoming feedback on it…


You are welcome to skip the advice if you want.

But randomness and raids are not an “opinion”. They’re facts. So you dont get to “do what you please, when you wish it” with those.

Accept them and move on.

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Omg. Can you stop harassing me? Take a Midol or have a drink and relax.

Fine. You’re right. You’re soooooo right. Everything you said is right.

Now, leave me alone.

Why? Arent we just getting started? :wink:

I like your idea. I think that would kinda slow down mercs.