Alliance Energy Query

Just wondering if there are any other way to earn alliance energy quicker. Im a new player, lvl 18. Also does the downtime inbetween refill get quicker as u progress in levels. Is there an alliance energy bonus that can be won/earned/found? Or just a random thing that might pop up…

Alliance energy refills 1 flag every four hours for a maximum of 3 flags.

It’s rate never changes (faster or slower); everyone has the same system.

Refill flasks are available for purchase every now and then, and it is possible to get a free flask from Mystic Vision or a Rare Wanted chest, etc.

ALSO, when you level up, all of your energy fills to maximum: world energy (red flag), Raid energy (blue), and alliance (purple). Some folks are careful NOT to level up until they have used all flags, and/or wait until they have a Titan to expend six flags on it at once (their original 3, plus the level up 3).


Ok thats kool. Thanks for the heads up.
Be sweet if we could trade in some overstocked iron for some food. My heros keep filling the suggestion box complain theyre hungry

Heh. Level your farms. Mine are all lvl 14, and no one’s ever hungry… :wink:

Really? Mine are all lvl 20 and if I run tc 19 for a bit, my heroes still get hungry, lol :wink:


You clearly have more food needs than I do! :wink:

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