Alliance elders/co-captains inactive

Inactive elders and/or co-captains apparently can’t be kicked? Shouldn’t that be overridden by the game itself if they have been in active for an extended period? 3 months? 6 months? A blooming year? Aren’t they just clogging things up? I’m new here, but it seems like it should be fixed, allow the most experienced person in the alliance to be come the de facto captain or something. Thoughts?

Unfortunately, this has always been an issue from the game’s inception. So you either have to…

  • put up with it
  • find a new active alliance
  • Or start your own with the more active alliance mates.

GL in your decision making.

The Alliance leader can downgrade and kick Co’s.
Co’s can downgrade and kick elders.
Only when the leader is inactive does the alliance have a problem.

Closed as a duplicate thread.

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