Alliance Descriptions and Line IDs... Now Forbidden?

Im currious if line ids are allowed to be posted in the alliance description if you are an alliance that requires line.



I’m gonna quote Petri from the APL (hope he doesn’t mind):


What I don’t understand is how alliances are supposed to recruit people when they use Line as a tool for alliance chats. I understand that not all alliances use Line to function, but at a higher level of play, this will make things very awkward for recruiters. For example, people will have to be let in in order to be provided with Line contacts to verify if someone meets their requirements, and if they don’t they’ll be invited to leave of be kicked. That seems wildly unnecessary and counterproductive.

If that is the way forward in order to follow the new rules, an alternative option needs to be provided to communicate with an applying player in order to avoid this big mess, in my opinion.


Yes, this is indeed correct. To keep the game safe for everyone, personal information is being filtered out in public chats (including the Alliance names and descriptions). LineIDs and other social media links are considered as personal information.


Thank you for the promt answer. Can i recomend this be put in game announcements as this is a major change for most alliances


You can find the announcement on the automatic filtering system here: Automatic Filtering System Enabled for English Global Chat (28 Apr 2020)

Also the Chat Rules & Guidelines include mention of the private information:


I understand your concerns, but to remove this option without giving us a viable recruiting function is annoying. AR is no longer viable. Chatting in game is ok, but Line allows us to share strategies with pictures and video that the game doesn’t offer. The best part of this game is the social aspect which mainly takes place outside the game because you offer us no alternative.


It is worth clarifying that this filter ONLY applies to the public aspects of the game chat. It doesn’t prohibit / prevent the use of Line for Alliance Activities.

So global chats & the Alliance Description ONLY.

You can still post your Line ID etc in the Alliance Featured Message and in your Alliance Chat as these are considered “private” by SGG.

Staff have also indicated elsewhere that this is in no way a BAN. Nor are there any repercussions. All that happens is that the system will not allow you to post the Alliance Description or Global Chat message if the Automatic Filter detects a problem.


People who can see those are already in your alliance.

What about here in the forums? Is that also forbidden now?


I must be very stupid but I don’t understand how this protects anyone. People will keep using line or discord and they will keep recruiting on that. It just makes it more complicated and most likely new players who do not have line or discord will just find in-game community features so dull that they will just leave.
It’s a game based on community, with terrible community features. It’s ok because we all have line and discord and you actually do not need to spend effort to create a decent in-game system since we all prefer them. But please don’t make it harder to use them, you’re just sabotaging what made you millionaires.

Also game name are private information. Just as much as line IDs. What if I tell my first name in a chat, should I be banned?


But that doesn’t help with recruitment as @RayZeus pointed out as in this game there is also zero opportunity for one on one chat. This just unnecessarily complicates recruitment


Didn’t say it would. Just clarifying the extent of the filter was all.

As i said. You can still post your Line ID in your alliance chat and alliance featured message. Thus you can still use Line, Discord or whatever else you should choose to use for Alliance activities, communications and organisation.

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How about SG give each alliance a private chat room on this forum? We need a better way to communicate and if you don’t want to support the use of an outside app, then offer something here that can be useful for recruiting and alliance organization


It’s not about “not supporting Line etc.”. It’s simply about preventing that personal information is shared. You are totally fine to keep using Line for your alliance as a way to communicate.

So not sure how your “give each alliance a private chat room on this forum” would be a solution to the problem presented. :thinking:


But we can’t communicate that info in public chat to recruit, so that defeats part of the purpose. Nor can we post it in this forum


People can post an invite to the group to discuss recruitment

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This is one of the stupiest change in this game. Putting line id in alliance description is everyone own decision. This just makes things way too hard!!! It would be okay, if you could send personal message to leader for example. AR doesn’t work at all!!! If I could give 1000000xdislike to this I would!


I think that the problem is described best by RayZeus’s post. Some alliances have requirements that are bigger than others, some more specific. Without Line, a person would have to just apply in game, someone would have to be online to accept them, then they would have to verify, probably using line, whether or not they meet the requirements.
At that point, then someone has to boot them if they don’t. Seems like a harsh system. Demoralizing on both sides really.


This is not keeping anyone safe as you will have to allow people into your alliance now without being able to have a chat first


Agreed. The consensus in the community is that alliance recruitment, communication and management needs to improve.

But we may not even know if there is any intention to do so or what the hurdles are the developers face to make it happen if they wanted to improve it.


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