Alliance decorations and medals

One of my alliance mates just turned the tide of battle and won us a victory.
It would be a great idea to give him a medal for that.
But there is not such an option.
Here’s an idea - to have means to decorate alliance members for glorious deeds.

I’d say it’s doubtful that will happen!
Maybe best option is to put something in the banner to show your appreciation!

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While it does sound good, here’s a couple thought why I won’t vote for this idea:

  1. War is a team sport. While the alliance member mentioned was the one that I assume put your alliance in the lead, he didn’t single-handedly win the war. The hard work of everyone on that field added up for a cumulative effect. Singling one person out for winning a war that everyone fought is not a good idea IMO.

  2. Along the same thread, how would the others feel about 1 member receiving a medal when they worked just as hard for the same win? The morale of that 1 player may be boosted, but others might not appreciate it as well.

Just some thoughts. Again, I understand the thought behind this but I’m not sure I like it enough to vote for it.


I guess it kinda would also depend on what kinda alliance you are in? As I’m in a training alliance. We got people that are 4000+ to people 1500+
The people who are higher up wouldn’t care about it but it could be good for the lower people in the alliance. I’m in the middle I couldn’t care about it! But could lead to a bit of friendly competition in the lowers! But aswell the alliance im in we all get on And praise people on good titan hits war hits anyway! But not everyone has that I guess

Actually, my alliance does the same. We give shout outs when people do great, give verbal callouts for war MVP, congratulate for great titan hits, etc. The medallions/rewards would have no impact for us and may never be used. But after reading posts from players for the last 1.5 years I can see where they could cause some strife.


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