Alliance creation minimum

so many low-level players are creating alliances now. this is BAD for the game as they are suckering other noobs in to their alliances and none of them know what they are doing. many players give up on the game as it gets frustrating without the right leadership around you.

I would suggest raising the minimum level to CREATE an alliance. allow them join one at level 4. hopefully learn the game better. and THEN go on to create one.

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I disagree on making them join an alliance (some players don’t want to be part of one right away), but I don’t have issue with assigning a minimum level before they can make an alliance.

If such a system is applied to the game, would existing alliances helmed by “under-lvl” leaders be grandfathered in, or would they be dissolved?

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you would have to grandfather them. would only help going forward.

and I meant allow them to join above…not make.

They are permitted already to join at lvl 4. Were you saying that they would not be able to create an alliance until they had been part of one?

(You realize the impatient creators will just bounce in and out of any alliance to fulfill this requirement, then continue as before. I think your best bet is, “can’t create an alliance before x level”.)

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i don’t think what I’m saying is that complicated…raise the level requirement to create an alliance.

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My alliance is set up as a training alliance if some one think they are ready to play in the big leagues i let them go making room for new people in my alliance i teach them from how to line up there hero
For attacking and defending i teach them the best way to fight titan and so much more i also will take in member of other alliances and train their people as well and then send them back to their home but in my alliance we are not concerned with trophy or titan so if you get rid of low level alliance then they would have to disband my alliances because we are not a high ranking alliance because we are a training one instead we also leave 2 spaces open so we can have other professional player come and visit and help with some of the training so disbanding lower level alliance would hurt my alliance and my alliance i feel its a must for new players

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He’s not talking about disbanding existing alliances, he’s talking about limiting who can make an alliance until they have attained a certain minimum level.

Thanks for clarifying my question, AlphaWaves; I’ve got it now. :wink:

Oh i miss understood sorry

I think that the way to fix that is to make easier to search Alliances.
I myself when joined the game didn’t know where to start, what a name I should type to try finding an alliance? The suggestions were all 1/30 Alliances. Global chat is a mess and I felt uncomfortable talking there. I opened the top 100 and checked them instead, saw the required trophies, worked to get that and joined one that is still my home to this day.

I would like to see a better search that would take in consideration language, focus, amount of players, average trophies close to mine.
And some sort by members, required trophies and average trophies would be perfect.

I can’t help but feel this is a case of looking for an issue to resolve. I really dislike creating rules to deal with a minority of cases. The alliance system seems to be working just fine as it is with a few exceptions. I say leave it as it is now.

I can’t help feel that that the OP opener sounded like such elitist drivel!

But, that’s the the problem with searching for an issue to resolve, it always sounds condescending because there is someone who believes they know whats better for a group that never asked for it in the first place.

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I dunno. I appreciate the effort to try to make the game better. Every idea just needs to be tested in the marketplace of ideas. Then we all know whether such an idea is warranted or not. :upside_down_face:


Appreciate that @Rook. We keep getting requests by players who claim something is unfair or it’s too hard or something of the sort, then the developers listen, try it out and it messes with the majority’s experience of the the game. So many suggestions are being made here which seem to be directed at controlling other players behavior. It is these suggestions that ruin it for the rest of us who just do nothing but play the game. Remember when Mercs were hosed?

The issue the topic is based on does nothing to impact their experience or the experience of other people playing the game. So what if there are many immature Alliances. How are alliances going to grow unless they learn from the ground up?

Anyhow yes “very idea just needs to be tested in the marketplace of ideas”…lets just hope this new idea does not get tested in the actual market place of the game.


@Rook There has been an initiative from a lot of german leaders with the same intention. I was partially included as all alliances even with 90k+ alliance points have difficulties to complete their alliances.
The reason is that really everybody creates its own alliance. Which is totally useless for most of new/unexperienced players because a leader should be able to lead and help his/her members to improve in the game. And as I was helping around in young alliances with my main account I came across a lot of leaders who had NO CLUE about the basics of the game
So i totally agree that the creation of an alliance should be bounded to a minimum level of 30 or even 40 and the price should increase to min. 5.000 dias.
i know this is more radical but too many alliances are not good for the game

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Wow, I never realized that this thread was so old. I definitely agree that the ability of relatively new players to the game (who may very well not commit to it) to immediately create an alliance has had a seriously negative impact on several aspects of the game from alliance search, alliance recruitment, reporting issues getting out of hand in chat rooms, server overloads, and war matchmaking and has built up for a really long time now. @Petri , How come this isn’t on the Shortlist of Requests?

Getting to ‘X’ level really isn’t a good measure of how well someone has learned the game and how they could help others.

If you’re looking to ensure that those creating alliances understand the game then a minimum of 600 trophies and stronghold level 10 should be included.

If you have no problem with people who have no experience starting alliances these measures aren’t necessary… But just raising the minimum level does nothing to ensure the current status quo changes

It might help also if these new alliance leaders were educated.

Coppersky posted something that would certainly help:


Disagree with the idea completely to have a minimum level to create an alliance. I didn’t want to join most of the alliances where although I fully intended to be a serious player (In over a year I have failed once to fire my 6th flag in war because I had no internet at the job site that I was at) but, I did not want someone telling me that I had to download line, maintain a minimum of cups, and always fire all flags no exceptions. I made my own alliance and just like playing a new game you learn. I have watched players grow from below level 10 into formidable opponents over 4000. We are only eight strong plus two noobs but, We can bring down just about any outmatch alliance on a given day. I left once but, couldn’t stay away. We are a family now, I seriously doubt I would have stayed with the game over a year if I hadn’t created my own alliance. We are…Ћ Windmill Socketseekers and I am their leader.

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Most places could be training alliance aswell I could @ so many people right now on here. If they decided to start a new account and be the leader. Loads of people would be interested as they played the game for a long time have knowledge be a sweet alliance. That be a miss fortune on new players aswell.

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