Alliance coup

Guess what I would do if someone tried to challenge me and said they wanted to take my place as leader of my Alliance? I’ll just throw him out of the Alliance. And then I will remove those people who supported this revolutionary. I think many other leaders will do the same. I repeat that there can be no coups in an Alliance with an active leader. Another conversation - if the leader is not active at all. But even then, there is only one scenario. Leave the Alliance and create your own. And with the dead Alliance, I think the SG will sort it out sooner or later. But there may be difficulties. The awakened leaders of the dead alliances will start shouting: "how dare you destroy my Alliance? I spent precious stones creating it!



I am white and fluffy! Until I get angry :blush: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Explanation: kittens speak: he started it first!


So pretty much the title says it all. I didn’t research to see if anyone else has this problem bc to be Frank, my name is Rob and idgaf anymore about a b**** a** leader who doesnt pull any weight and boots people for a few days of inactivity. You cant lead from the rear. Who else hates their leader but is only in an alliance bc they’re like the only family you got? Also, can we yall make a mutiny button where the active members in an alliance get to make a decision to dump this piece of trash for being lame af. This would be awesome.

Another question, how do we make our own alliance? I know there has to be a way? And also, can we steal our teammates if we do make a new alliance by chance? (Btw, my fellow comrades feel the same.) They’re tired of the haberdashery as well.

Give us the chance, and we’ll run you off the cliff after you pass out by throwing that b**** in drive with a brick on the gas pedal…think I’m playing.

Oh I would loooove this…

I wanna kick my leader 2-3 times daily!

  • “Oh sorry, my finger slipped…”
  • “Pass on the titan? What?! Pass on this…”
  • “Why did they make the button red?!! I can’t help myself!..”
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I feel you but the tests wouldn’t be consistent because the boards and tiles would be different each time. No I’m talking about old fashioned, wcw friend vs friend matches, bc f-it, why not beat up your best friend bc you’re out of all your other energies in a couple hours and you cant get enough of this game type behavior, and hey my buddy looks like he needs his arss kicked bc I’m bored and there’s nothing else to do for an hour until I get this one raid energy (which I might lose bc sometimes the opposing heroes and troops power info was a lie, and now I’m really fighting someone who is 500+ more team power than I expected) and his telluria tank is bs. Only on his 2nd Chevron and should easily be beat in a couple good hits and his troop is a level 2, 4☆ but none of my fully ascended heroes with all talents and my 3- level 4 , 4☆ troops cant even make a dent in him. Hm, sounds legit🤔 I guess I’d buy that for a dollar but now I’m pissed the frig off and my friend and I just want to merc on eachother for a bit and chat it up just like when you play chess with your celly in prison for hours bc f everyone else rn type shiiii. For reals.

Like you could even make a buddy type currency or even wager items you’re ok with getting rid of…dude why does everyone just want to train with their alliance? Like yeah that’s fun, but the best friendships were won in a fight where you both just beat the crap out of eachother for a good 25-30 minutes.
(Does nobody do this anymore?)
(Do people not fight their best friends anymore?)
(Is there no such thing as bloody-nose besties anymore?)

Back in 1993 I was just a little guy.
4 1/2, maybe 5. My sister had beef with a girl next door. Not only did they fight that day, but I fought that girls little brother that day too. First fight for both us little guys. Not gonna lie, we tore eachother up and it was funny bc we were little kids with big hearts just taking up for our sisters. Not only that but we were pretty evenly matched in power because both our sisters quit fighting long before we did and now they’re laughing and cheering us on for what seemed like a long while. It was like we just could not knock eachother out. Both of us covered in blood from our noses, chipped teeth and black eyes making us look like something from a hockey game that had no hockey involved. Both our Moms flipping out on eachother because youre their baby boy and ain’t nobody going to play a hand on you. (Only to become best friends and letting us Duke it out again for their own entertainment a few days later. Gosh childhood was great back then)
The smell of summer penetrating your blood soaked nose with the smell of burgers and hot dogs wafting through the air. Sun glinting off that girl’s hair you have a major crush on. Dogs running through the sprinklers and chasing cars. Memories of the way their bark sounded and people yelling at them for almost hitting them while blaring ace of base out the window…

For a second, you forget you’re getting your a** whipped and take everything in in that moment and life is beautiful . The whole world is alive around you, but yet everything’s focused on you and your new found friend kicking the crap out of eachother.

In my head, that’s exactly what I feel like a friendly duel would feel like.

Please, if you dont do it for the friendships that are already in effect in alliances, do it for the friendships that become of the new found respect between eachother…and yes, while it is based on a wager, and yes it is between friends, you can also give your friend advice on/ and show them what really works. It’s almost like constructive criticism with a twist- the twist being the wager. You would bet against your best friend and then fight them, only to pat eachother on the back and smile through busted lips afterwords.

Malcolm. My first bloody-nosed brother. And we stayed friends until I got moved away in 5th grade. I still have yet to see him once since then but I know that dude still remembers me. You’ll never forget your first bloody-nose brother.

That’s what my suggestion is based on.
And I’m bored af, goodnight yall.

One last thing: Isnt it weird how something that happens so long ago (28 years-ish) can still be so vivid and alive in your head that it feels like it happened yesterday, but 28 years later, for some reason you cant even remember yesterday, and you feel like things move so fast that you even wonder if that seriously just happened to you, or if you had seen it on the news? :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:’s

So why not? You ain’t gonna remember what happened when you’re gone, but for the time being, it will be fun to fight the few people you talk to the most in your alliance.

It will definitely make things interesting again for a bit…its just a story. It’s just a suggestion.

Even if it doesnt get added to the game, it was still fun af thinking back to those fights when I was a little kid. Haha

Yeah I know, that was random as hell, and has nothing to really do with the game other than it’s fun to fight you homies from time to time if they themselves are cool with it…and of course you have to bet against eachother…that’s what makes it work and makes yall want to rematch each other.

Only teams that are equal or close to it can attack each other because that’s a lot of loot being shelled out by someone who doesnt have as much experience. So the attacker should only get to select heroes that match up with his friends. Not fair to get to have a fully ascended 4☆ team against someone who only has three 3☆, one 2☆, and one 4☆ with 3 star troop with barely any training.

Ok gn yall.

I’m tired after typing that book lol

I can just imagine a lot of people that dont know me, being like omg is this dude ever going to make sense or stfu.

Answer is no. And yes.

I’m out for now.


Oh snap, thought this was on the being able to fight your alliance members in a friend v friend fight. Crap…well copy/paste that.

Oh well, we’re having fun.

This was fun.

So yeah, I dont think inactive leaders should deserve an alliance. Option for a mutiny button. Or a start a new alliance button where fellow members who feel the same (over half) can leave. Can we even make new alliances? Where would I go about doing this myself if i can make an alliance and will I be able to tell anyone that I have started my own alliance. Mutiny is probably not the best way to go about things here. Like someone said earlier, or it was to the effect of, “I built this house with my hands and if you dont like it, you should build your own.” (Hats off to you whoever’s you was. I’ll heart it here in a sec.)

Didn’t think of it before in that sense, and it really hit hard close to home after I read that. You’re right.

Anyways goodnight


It’s an interesting idea for sure, and one that should definitely be available for alliances that have infighting or inactive leaders.

Though if I were in one of those situations, I’d just leave the alliance anyway.

The members in my alliance are all people who asked to join. If they ever decide they don’t like my leadership style, or decide to leave for any other reason, they are free to go at any time. The door is over there :arrow_forward:

If they leave on good terms and decide to come back later? Sure! Welcome back aboard. :+1:

If I say pass on a titan? That doesn’t mean you still can’t go for it yourself if you want to. It just means that I won’t be tryharding it or using flasks for support. Unless you alone can get it down to a killable level and ask me very nicely? Then okay, I might go for it. Only reason I call for a pass is when we get a titan that seems like it will be more trouble than it’s worth, and I don’t want my members to feel pressured like that.

Seriously, if you’re in an alliance where you regularly want to kick the leader, and others feel the same, something is very wrong with that alliance.

I encourage my own members to call me out at any time if they feel like I’m not running things correctly. I don’t hold any of them to any standards that I might occasionally fail to meet myself. If I felt like I was no longer able to fulfill the minimal duties of my role, I would step down voluntarily and put the next most qualified person in my place.

If one of my alliance members ever decided to go rogue like that and declare mutiny, because they don’t like the direction we’re going in (even though I specifically told them all how we operate when they joined)… if they want to try to take the group in a different direction that is opposed to what my original intent of the alliance was? Sure. Go ahead. Challenge me to an intra-alliance war. You might get 2 or 3 people on your side. Let’s just say that you will be severely outnumbered and forced to walk the plank after your devastating loss. Because as mentioned above:

If you don’t like it, you’re on the wrong ship, and never should have asked to come aboard in the first place.

I can virtually assure you that my original crew, most of whom I trained from infancy, will cut you down and feed you to the sharks.

All that being said… it’s not an issue in my alliance. Or at least it shouldn’t be, ever. I only allow good, like-minded people on my ship. I’m simply posting my thoughts on this suggestion, as a leader myself, imagining the possible scenario where one or more of my members might actually try to attempt a coup (highly unlikely I think, I trust my crew, or else I never would have let them on in the first place)… not meaning to threaten or scare my team, because I :heart: them and I don’t think they have mutiny in their hearts. But if they ever did begin to entertain such a notion… well… they might as well just walk themselves off the plank.

Or better yet, just tell me “thank you Captain for allowing me to serve here, but I have found a better opportunity elsewhere, so I request permission to be dropped off at the next port.” Aye aye, mate. Thank you for your service, wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Look me up if you ever change your mind later and decide to come back. :+1:

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Here’s another suggestion:
Every alliance to have a built-in leadership voting system which will only activate when the following conditions are met:

  • Leader has been inactive a pre-detemined length of time (the apex condition that needs to be met first)
  • Voting open only to active members, i.e. members who have been inactive for a pre-detemined length of time are also not eligible to vote nor allowed to be elected
  • There are at least 3 active alliance members
  • Every active alliance member has a chance to be elected
  • Every active alliance member is given one vote
  • Results will be announced on alliance chat once all active members have voted, and the member with the highest vote count will automatically be promoted to Alliance Leader
  • Only the vote count will be shown, members’ voting preference will not be shown
  • If there is a tie, a fresh vote will commence after a pre-determined cool-down period and the apex condition is still met, and this will repeat until a new Leader with a winning number of votes is elected

Here’s another suggestion:

  • If you don’t like your alliance (or its leader), leave and (probably) join a new one
  • If a bunch of you don’t like your alliance (or its leader), you should all leave and either form you own or join a new one

An alliance is supposed to be a safe space, where you can fight wars, kill titans, and enjoy an adult beverage with your fellow members. We already have to worry about espionage; I’d hate to have to worry that every new recruit is a potential mutineer, too.

No offense to the OP, but if this forum supported downvotes, this suggestion would get mine.

Yeah, I’m seriously not understanding all the posts I read on the forum from people saying “I hate my alliance!”

Then why are you still there???

“Oh because I have a couple of friends there…”

Then why don’t you guys form your own alliance?

“Because then we’ll have smaller titans!”


You can’t always have it all! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Welcome to the real world, where you occasionally have to make tough decisions that occasionally require sacrificing something.

If any member of my alliance were to ever come to me and say, “I like it here, but I’d like it much better if we were fighting 14* titans!”

Yeah well you and me both, kid. But we don’t have the firepower for that, and I’m not kicking good people out and replacing them with a bunch of high level ringers just for a chance at better loot. If you want to fight 14* titans, just browse the alliance recruitment threads. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for there. Good luck in your endeavors and no hard feelings.

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I mean…

(I do agree with pretty much everything you said, but lol “real world.”)

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