Alliance Composition

Dear E&P Users

How would you lot feel about another tier in the orgasational structure of an alliance, the addition of another tier.

Currently you have Leader, Co-Leader, Elder and Member. Each alliance will run there alliance differently, Top 100 most are co-leads and thats expected as you are an elite player and deserve it. Other alliances will promote anyone that has a higj personal level. (No matter experience or time in alliance).

Some alliance will promote on merit and commitment to the alliance, this being said a leader and co-leader may not want to promote to many to have a position to kick people as on a bad day people could be booted for no real reason.

My suggestion is the option to promote to a senior member. Meaning it gives you that chance differentiate between longstanding members and newbies to an alliance.

Razor and Anetho in tagging you to help spread the word. @Razor @Anetho

Let me know your thoughts


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