Alliance Communication Features - Please add your comments & ideas here!

What if the alliance leader could check and uncheck members for war, this way if someone is MIA/life/never participates and never responds them the alliance will not be punished and would not have to kick out the member.


Currently, is someone misses 2 consecutive wars then they will be automatically opted out of wars. If you want to continue with a discussion for this idea, please create a new thread, as the idea is off topic for this one.

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I’d like to see a red line indicating where new messages start. The game already knows how many messages are new since I last looked. Just put a line there indicating where the new messages start. Currently I have to scroll up 50+ messages and then figure out where I left off. A line would let me scroll right to it and continue. A tap taking me there would be an even more welcome feature. My group talks a lot, especially during wars, so I see this feature as an easy add to the game and it would be most welcome.


in the case of adding new messages to make a line proposed above, and do not scroll down the page, and leave at the beginning of new messages (as implemented, for example, in the messenger votsap)

Small but useful improvements of an Alliance chat:

  1. Embed a table of smilies so that code could be copy/pasted into a text box rather typing in manually.
  2. Add a context menu “Reply to” each alliance member in an alliance list, so that his/her nick is placed into a text editor. Some nicks are quite long or use characters not available at your keyboard layout, so it is not easy to address a person correctly.
  3. Handle web links. It is often required to refer to a forum topic, but it is impossible in a chat.

It would be great if a leader and co-leaders could sent player messages using Inbox. Chat might be turned off and player becomes not reachable, while Inbox is always there.

Kia Ora Coppersky, I couldnt see any previous posts regarding my suggestion and I wanted to know or you think it worthadding to the pile.
I would like to have a room chat bot that we can programe with our Alliance rules that will put itself into the face of new members. Our Alliance is created to foster new players for a sister alliance and I have fears that a lot of new players don’t know how to chat, perhaps don’t speak our language or for other reasons dont fully partivipate

For me (already having made sure my avatar is different from others), I scroll back looking for the first instance of MY avatar (the 50th one back).

Unless/until something changes, may this help you. :slight_smile:

That is something I can try. But that only works when I have chatted or said something. Many times I catch up on the chats and then go do something. When I come back, I need to catch up again but I don’t know how far back is 36 messages. I usually go back much farther and the reread.

This forum has the feature and it works great. They know how many messages are unread, why not put a line there or scroll me to that spot so I can read where I left off?

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Сделать возможным обмен ресурсами и героями между членпми альянса.

I’ll do a translation, if you don’t mind:

Make it possible a resource and heroes exchange between alliance members.

I think, it is a subject for a separate topic.

What about different alliance chatrooms? I guess 3 would be even sufficient to separate important things from trashtalk of chatty members. That would help a lot.

I would like to be able to cut and paste. That way common answers - like AW instruction - could be written and saved then copied and pasted into the alliance chat.

We could also post links to videos which would be clickable or able to be copied.

We use discord for this purpose. We have a separate channel where we put our “orders” in coloured text. They are then easily cut and pasted to the game chat.

It’s also useful for creating drafts of longer message so typos can be corrected and/or co-leaders can add their suggestions before it’s posted to the members.

You may want to use discord until (If ever) changes are made to the game chat.

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At the moment there is no in game method to communicate rule change, tactics etc. except on alliance chat, and if you miss it, you won’t even know. You could have a messaging service, but that’s impermanent, or you could have a message board. A message board has the advantage that any entry can be re written and improved upon.

It’s limited in size and use only by leadership, but you could use the Alliance Description field.

@ Coppersky …pls add announcement board to the alliance chat room…

I’ve been hearing a lot about line and r alliance is thinking of switching from a WhatsApp. Thats what works for us the best though. I don’t think there is a super easy way to create a separate channel in game. There r so many apps that allow people to create chat rooms easily and the good ones cost nothing on WiFi and since we have members in the UK, United Arab Emirates, and the Czech Rep. that saves a lot of dough. 3rd party apps I thing now is the way to go. Maybe we could all decide on 2 or 3 and c if we could even get some promotional revenue going for those companies??? I mean hell there r more than a million people playing this all over the world. More $$$ for ya’ll meand better play for us! By the way I now have a 10% finders fee coming my way since revenue generation was my idea first. Sweet!!:grin::money_mouth_face:

If WhatsApp works for you and all the different nationalities in your alliance, I would stick with it. Just be aware there are other chat apps out there with their own followings and opportunities.

Lemme try this again. I didn’t want to dump that whole thing in someone else’s thread. But I agree on that very idea of multiple outside channels for communication being available so readily that the developers here might not have to worry about putting in another chat option. Hey I would try it but I really do wanna take a look at LINE I think it is? I know I’ve heard a lot of r players r on it. Anyway like I did say before I’ve always been happy to get ur feedback. I started an idea post about a “Marketplace” concept. If u get to it lemme know what u think. I’m not gonna post the link in here. Not really tied to this subject and it’s not cool to do that. But I just put it up. As alaways in appreciation of ur opinion. :+1:

Could you add a notification button to prompt active war members to participate in the ongoing wars.

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