Alliance Communication Features - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Som times we need the option to send out notifications to the members about titans time and how much health it have left. Maybe just 1-2 times a day

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We often use our Alliance Notification for this purpose:



Every alliance needs to coordinate its tactics among the members. It is very difficult to achieve that through the gane chat. Therefore the tool, that delivers current idea of the alliance goal to each member ditectly, would be very usefull, do not you think so?

Post and reply moved to existing thread. - Coppersky

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Hi Nik0las,
Agreed but most of these alliance communication related ideas are already being discussed in specific posts in the forum like the one below. Please join the discussion there and share your thoughts. Thanks.

And here is SGs official stance on some of the user requested features and more …

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Can we add a feature to where we can do private messages to people in our Alliance? There are things I want to say to people in the Alliance without the entire group listening in. Also would like to personally thank the top Titan attacker. Or, if they aren’t pulling their weight you can make them aware by asking for more assistance or sending a personal regret for kicking them.
Anyway, that is a small feature that really needs to be added to everybody’s profile (promote, kick and message).

This might be helpful. Your idea is on the list:

I find the screen layout of all the chat rooms to be annoying.

. Sequential messages from the same person should be consolidated into a single conversation bubble;
. Use less vertical space for the posters name;
. Allow adjustable fonts. The text size on a phone should not be the same as on a tablet.
. Preserve a longer history, particularly for system messages like changes in alliance membership and Titan results.
. As others have suggested, allow leadership to pin messages


Please read the Shortlist of Frequent Requests. I know it addresses your post here.

How do i delete it? New to forum so must have missed this topic in the frequent ideas category.

Agreed. Still wishin i could delete this thread tho since this topic has already been run into the ground so much. Pinned leader messages would be nice instead of using alliance description. Would be even better if you could do it as a pop up message that can be clicked as read so it doesnt pop up every login but only pops up again when changed or new message is posted.

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Well if they dont want to incorporate an alliance message system then could alliance description just be extended to be able to contain more characters for more details or longer messages. Surely that is doable.


And that idea is one I would add at the bottom of the Shortlist thread. Go forth! :wink:

I’m done with this topic lol. Moving on to other topics that haven’t been gone over as much already. Thanks. Don’t want to be that redundant guy that just says what’s already been said


Or perhaps a second “description” message only visible to members.

I like the second one; there are some things that are just for our members… :wink:

Thank you for a nice game,…

i have a suggestion…please put a green sign on the number box on the member list, so other players know who is online:slight_smile:


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Salve a tutti, scrivo qui perché non trovo altre zone… Riguardo all’alleanza rafforzandone l affiatamento, solo internamente ad essa, non si potrebbe poter ‘scambiarsi’ oggetti per ascensioni eroi e altro… Una modalità tipo scambio figurine. Sarebbe molto bello e utile…


Hello everyone, I write here because I can not find other areas … With regard to the alliance strengthening the harmony, only internally to it, you could not ‘swap’ objects for ascents heroes and more … A modality type exchange figurines. It would be very nice and useful …

(Translated by Coppersky using Google Translate)

Hey there, in my Alliance we have been wondering if It could be possible to have a feature which allows leaders and cos to contact single members in private. This would be very useful as It would make It easier to communicate with those players who don’t read the chat regularly. Ty for attention! :slight_smile:

Most alliances use a 2nd app like Line or Discord, but I agree it would be nice to message 1 on 1 in game.

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We already have a line group but still not everyone wants to join

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