Alliance Communication Features - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Many in the forum have made posts regarding the need for better options to communicate within our alliances, for example PM features or a message board. This thread has gathered the posts of the requests and ideas players have had regarding this idea. Please continue to add your thoughts on this subject!

Alliance officers chat would be a great thing to add to alliance chat so that officers such as leaders and co-leaders could discuss things of importance. Things like kicking members or promoting them. So that the others can’t see said discussion. That way no one gets angry because of something said in alliance chat that should be private and not seen by those you wish not to see. [poll type=regular public=true]

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You may use other apps to discuss with your “officers” even without leak out personal information.
SG may do another room for that but… it’s kinda a little waste of time for my point of view.

We use Line for that for now; one general room, one leadership room.


Please add a message board in alliance tab.

Sometimes we want to leave a message to members but in chat it may dissappear if it’s too active.



I would love this! I use the alliance description, but 136 characters doesn’t give me much to work with… If it’s important I ask others to repost, but it’s not ideal. Once I posted in a google doc because not everyone’s on Line, and it was something much more involved than the usual.

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I like this idea. Perhaps a pop up like justice on global when a player logs on that leaders and co leaders can edit.


Brilliant idea Wif…

I ask you to add a second text field within the alliance section, which can only be viewed by members of the alliance.
So you can make sure, all members read import information regarding their alliance.

Alternatively, it could be possible to “pin” one alliance chat article to the top of the chat.


(Great minds think alike!) :slight_smile:

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And here we are 2 months later still waiting for it.


I use Line, so I’m not on pins and needles waiting for it. :smirk:

Is it possible to create a function to send a alliance message to all members in the alliance instead of just using the alliance chat? These messages can be send to everyones messagebox ingame. This way important info can be spread easily without having to scroll up in the chat.


You can change the guild’s internal description, but members have to go look at it. We often do this for instructions on whether or not to rest on the given titan, and let our flags refill, or to go all out on it. But this broadcast feature would be very helpful.

There’s other great ideas for alliance chat features. When I can I’ll collect these posts together and you can scroll up and see other ideas!

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Think a message board or bulletin board where we could leave messages for the whole alliance to view when they login. Would be very helpful.


There needs to be some way to send mail within the alliance to each player. How are we suppose to communicate? If you say something in group chat by the time others get on its lost in the chatter.


I want to take this a step further. As an Alliance leader the best form of communication is using a 2nd app to communicate. That there lies the problem. It divides the chat, and for those who are not able to use Line/Discord etc. Leaves them out. It can create a divide. We need more then just a private messaging system, We also need a Message board or Note Board so we can convey information more freely.

I know multiple chats have been added to accommodate other languages, But I think it is time to improve current chat mechanics to strengthen our amazing community.


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We use Line. Works very well for coordinating during battles and also has added benefit of letting you know when there is a new comment, unlike the one in-game which you have to keep checking.

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We want to coach our new members and comeing together is very difficult at the moment because we play at very different times. A Message box or pinboard would be extremely helpful. Thanks