[Alliance Closed] Netherworld: New Discord-based alliance seeking dedicated team-players looking for new challenges or to grow

Alliance Name: Netherworld

Vision Statement: To build an international alliance of active team-players looking for a fun environment to play smart and hard.

Netherworld is a new alliance with ambitions to try to do things differently. Whether you’re a developing player wanting to improve or an experienced player looking for new challenges we hope to provide something for you.

The alliance is organised around a Discord server designed to assist co-ordinate War campaigns, improve communication on Titan hitting and make resources easier to find.

Any member can be a part of shaping the direction of the alliance. Alongside the usual Co-leader and Elder roles we have additional roles such as Titan Whisperers, War Generals within the Discord for more opportunities for members to take a greater stake in running of their alliance and try new challenges.

Current Status: Just formed over the Christmas period by 2 Platinum-tier players who’ve been taking down 2/3* Titans between festivities and setting up the Discord group for alliance. Alliance to be opted-in for Alliance Wars on 7th January so people have time to join us and start on a fresh Alliance War Chest for 100% participation rewards.

What we ask of you:

  1. Communicate with alliance/leadership if you foresee any real-life issues that may interfere with meeting requirements so we can try accommodate you.

  2. Use 3 or more flags on at least 2 out of the last 3 Titans.

  3. Save flasks for use on Rare Titans only.

  4. Give alliance members around the world an opportunity to hit a Rare Titan before flasking. Wait until all have hit or less than 11 hours remain.

  5. Ensure you have a full set of flags ready for when next Titan spawns if the alliance decides to let the current Titan go.

  6. Use all 6 flags in Alliance Wars or opt-out before the next war matchmaking starts. If you don’t feel ready to participate in wars we hope to assist you getting to that point.

  7. Join the Discord server – DM MysterySpin #6057 for link – and turn on notifications for the Titan Alert channel to avoid missing alerts for letting a Titan go or a Rare spawning.

  8. Cup dropping permitted, though don’t let it affect your performance in wars.

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Hello, I’m interested in joining your alliance, this is only my 3rd day playing and I already have one 4 star, three 3 stars, and one 2 star for my main team… my stronghold is level 5, doing my best to level up quickly… I could really use help from experienced players. I already have discord and would love to be in a guild that actually communicates lol


No worries the alliance is open to players at any stage in their in-game development. We currently have no cup requirements and we have attempted to pack the Discord with some of the best advice and infographics from around the web to help players which can be found pinned to the top of their relevant threads. There’s also a few bots underdevelopment to try assist players but they’re a more long term goal and would depend on the needs of those that join.

We hope to be able to provide something of value for everyone whether they’re starting out and looking for advice or they’re more developed and looking for new challenges such co-ordinating some war campiagns.


Thank you for accepting me into the alliance, this alliance is exactly what I was looking for! And the the amount of information you provide is amazing and incredibly helpful, thank you for that as well! Actual communication, fast responses, wonderful leaders, very friendly… This alliance is wonderful, hats off to y’all for putting so much time and effort into this! I fully recommend joining this alliance :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Update on our status:

We now have 9 members and are consistently killing 4* Titans.

We won all the wars we participated in.

The Discord server is going well. We have lots of information about the game in there, organized in specialized channels. We also have a bot that helps with the game. The bot is under active development, with a roadmap for features to add and also accepting member requests.

We are having a lot of fun! :smile:

still open? my alliance is gettin on my nerves.
we r relatively new players but im ocd so i m pretty far in for a c2p…i hav 6teams 4war ranging from 2300-3200&hav been our top war scorer (in top 3at least) every war i hav been in (usually 4-500points); i consistently am the top (or top3) titan scorer; lead my alliance in level (31) &cups (which i cannot keep&am horrible at raids bt i fill my chests 2x day)-top was 1806cups now 1627 which does fluctate wildly.
anywayz i wanted to take down this 5star titan &invite a merc or 2 cuz no1 wqs attacking &now im an outcast cuz i wantd 2kill a titan &had the gall 2ask 4a promotion. sheesh. but if i split, i will proly hav 5or6 members that want 2come along. all mid 20s for level&team stength &while not as ocd as me, all r dedicated players.
so im looking for an alliance that likes to have fun&also likes to win. apparently thats not allowed anymore since i made our alliance stronger&better. thx 4 the post mystery

Hi requiax,

Yep we are still going strong and open to any players wanting to join our team. All we require from players is to use 3+ flags on 2 out of 3 Titans, join the Discord server, play as a team and if they opt into war use all 6 flags.

We would love to have you join us. Would just add though that my main desire is for all players to find an alliance they’re happy in so just in case it is a deal-breaker thought I should just warn that the alliance does have a no Merc policy as we want to develop and grow stronger as a team rather than having to rely on external support for Titan takedowns. Hopefully this is OK with you for as I say we would love to have you on board but no worries if not and I wish you the best in your search for a new home.

We’re still going strong, our member list is growing rapidly and we’ve won every alliance war to date! We’re still open for recruitment, come join us!

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Netherworld is still recruiting active members! If you’re looking for an active alliance with friendly members who work as a team, communicate, are happy to help new players grow and offer new challenges for experienced players, you’ve found us!

Want to check out Netherworld before deciding to join? Join Our Public Discord Chat By Clicking Here

We’ve also had some pretty decent results recently. 9 wins and 0 losses in wars so far. Have recently taken down our first regular 5* Titan as well as our first 5* Rare Titan (Unicorn).

We still have opportunities for players wanting to get experience in leadership roles or co-ordinating war or Titan hits so if you’re looking to get some experience of what is involved in leading an alliance before starting one of your own there are some great opportunities here.

We also have some experienced players with many tips and advice on hand for any players wanting to develop their game further.

Please note joining the Discord server is mandatory for members as we use the push messaging features there to alert players of when a Titan is going to be let go or a Rare one spawning so the messages aren’t missed by players hitting before checking in game chat or banner.

Nice goals, looks like from my alliance :slight_smile: I wanted to bump you up, wich you luck, and remind, that even if it’s horribly tiresome, on general chat in game some players still can be found, I’ve met dozens there and brought to our team, however, not everyone wanted just that what we wanted, so we parted way over time. Forum wasn’t successful, and I see that you after a month are still around 10 members, so just trying to share advice. Call people by name, ask what are they looking for, have ready some short guidelines (1-3 messages) to paste them in your alliance chat when they come so they can read it in peace and then decide. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Hello RedPython :grinning: Thank you for the bump and encouragement, it’s very kind of you to do that, very much appreciated :grinning: We know members looking for an active alliance are out there and new players are joining the game all the time, we have every faith that our alliance will continue to grow and succeed. I wish you luck with your alliance as well, again, thank you for the kind gesture!

good luck you guys. always wanna wish the best for all new players and alliances. we recently filled ours using these forums and hope you guys continue your epic war tear. nice job!!

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Hello DoctorStrange :grinning: Thank you so much for the well wishes and compliments, we appreciate that, very kind of you! Congratulations on filling your alliance up! :grinning::metal: Nice job! We will certainly continue to grow our ranks and battle on in war! May your alliance continue to live long and prosper :grin::vulcan_salute: Thanks again!

Netherworld is still recruiting, spots are filling up faster, so don’t miss your chance to be part of a very active helpful alliance with friendly members and many benefits! Come join us! We’ve just won another alliance war and took out a dragon rooster titan :grinning:

Join Our Public Discord Channel By Clicking Here

Netherworld is still recruiting! We’re looking for active members with good communication, a good sense of community, and team work as their primary goal. We offer many benefits such as an ever-growing database of knowledge, experts on hand to help you, bots to help you find information more quickly, a drama free atmosphere with friendly, active members, an alliance where all members have a voice in shaping the alliance. Leadership roles are also available. No trophy or power requirements, we will help you grow! All we ask is that you hit 2 out of 3 titans, use all 6 flags for alliance war, joining our public discord channel is also required. If this sounds like you and sounds like what you’re looking for in an alliance, come join us! Spots are filling up quickly! If you’d like to check us out before joining, you’re also welcome to join our public discord.
Click Here To Join Our Public Discord Channel

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@Salemuria - nice graphic!

Thanks Shercahn! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hey was just going to check out the status of this alliance in game but couldn’t find it in the search


How’s the alliance doing?

Alas it wasn’t to be, both of our co-leaders at the time quit the game completely on the first day of Grimforest event in March (my suspicion is that a bad series of pulls at Grimforest not long after more bad pulls at Atlantis the month before proved the catalyst). Unfortunately it coincided with a bad time for me personally or professionally that ultimately I needed some members to step up to help re-build. Those that tried to do so were fantastic but ultimately we were limping along with the alliance now being so bottom heavy I was actively not ascending heroes to prevent pushing up the war score so that there were more targets in wars that other members could hit. At this point I’d come to realise that whilst I had wanted to be able to help and advise players in the game juggling keeping the alliance together and real-life issue meant I wasn’t able to do that.

Having realised the situation was probably more detrimental to the members than it was beneficial I didn’t feel it was right to continue dragging it on and thanked them for everything that they’d done for the alliance and apologised that for it not living up to its potential and advised everyone that they would benefit from merging into other training/developing alliances that could give them the help they deserved once the war chest had been filled and offered to help people find alliances that might be good for them.

Since then I’ve been playing solo in the remains of the alliance (since re-named) originally to solo Titans and sort out the real-life issues but after that I realised I was in a good position to test and research a bunch of game mechanics – at the moment I’m nearing the end of completing the exact War Score formula (you would be surprised how difficult it is to deliberately lose a bunch of wars to find the lowest the War Score’s performance modifier can be) but am nearing the point where I too will beginning my search for a new home alliance – before then though I’ll probably need to complete my research of Harpoons and have a stockpile built up.

Whilst I’m sure we could have weathered one of those things happening it was just unfortunate to lose my co-leaders and senior players at the same time real-life tapped on the shoulder. A little sad that a lot of the work on the Discord server is now unused – then again it could have been worse, we had bots for tracking Titan hit performance and for co-ordinating War hits (essentially letting everyone know in their time in their time zone when attack waves would be along with a few other things) were still only mid-development rather than completed in time for the implosion.

Thanks for asking and showing a interest… I really wish I could have summarised it all better. Granted I could just say “We closed,” but it wouldn’t have done justice to the members that tried to keep it rolling.


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