Alliance chatter

so how much chatter does you alliance have? my alliance only has about 5 members that ever really say anything, and its generally just about getting rid of non-attackers. i like them but it feels a little ghost-townish most of the time.
i just wanted to see if i’m in a fairly normal alliance or if there are others out there that have more camaraderie and conversation

We have more conversation, even on the quiet days. Sometimes I wake up and can’t read everything because it already vanished. But there are also days that you can read back everything. When we have a tough titan we strategize together and sometimes the talk is about life, books, whiskey and other stuff.
But not all members chat a lot in there, some only for the hard titans and some one day a lot and then weeks less.

We have players from around the world on at all hours. We chat in game and on Line. Sometimes I’ll find only 10 comments, more often it’s over 100. We are a chatty bunch. :grin:

…maaan, i wish we had more chatter. would be nice to have more conversation going. i’ve tried starting conversations but usually only get a response or two and then silence.

My first alliance they all spoke Russian.

My current alliance they speak Portuguese.

I use google translate now.

My alliance has a good amount of chatter. Most of us are in a similar age group and do have a lot in common. Keep looking if you don’t feel at home. There are always alliances recruiting.

What lead you to choosing an alliance with no English speakers? Not that I have issue with it, just curious.
I’ve considered leaving my alliance, I like them but typically a third of them don’t even hit the Titan and that makes it tough to kill Titans. As it stands we easily take down 4* but we only kill 5* about half the time.

First time it was just a random choice. Second time, they recruited me. Incidentally, most of them speak English but sometimes I translate to Portuguese out of respect.

You need to find a better alliance. Your alliance is screwing you over. There are plenty of them out there that take titans seriously.

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Ruse, come join Rebel Forces. We have an open spot and we don’t chat all the time, but usually there is someone on and will chat if you try to make conversation. We also have a Discord Channel for off site chatting or strategy/tips. Also, we normally are taking down 6* Titans and have started working on 7*s as well. We have players in The US, Uruguay, France, and a few other countries. We would love to have you.


Now that you mention your alliance doesn’t take the titans seriously, I would certainly change alliance. If it was just the lack of chatter, it depends on how much that matters to you, if it also holds you back on a good titan fight… You need a better one. ZayneVos’ alliance sounds nice :grinning:


Our alliance has four very active chatters, another four or five that chime in every few days, and one or two who enter the conversation with one or two sentences once a month.

I do not see the point in playing the game long term if you do not chat with anyone. If we reach a point where the active chatters leave and my alliance goes quiet, I will probably just give up the game instead of searching for a new alliance. I would not have continued with the game for as long as I did if there was no one to chat with… even if it is only a few dozen posts on some days.

If you have room for new players, you can go fishing for active chatters in the Alliance Recruitment chatroom, with ads that say as much. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

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