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I have an alliance only with my friends. There is 10 members and we talk a lot inside things. And because there is only 10 members we can’t beat more than 2-star titans.

So I was thinking that it would be nice if there is one more member level to those members who can’t read the chat. Or then an alliance could have two chats, for example, one for all and one for friends.

What do you mean about this?

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You can use a chat app (for example Line) for that.

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Yes, I know, but why couldn’t we chat in-game?

Why would you want to shut out other members of your alliance from the camaraderie, and how in sync you team members are? You figure you would want your recruits to feel like the belong to something special, so they stay. Recruitment of members has became more challenging, and that could be used as a plus to help you recruit, but you would rather them have a separate but equal type relationship with your alliance. People will feel that and sense that they don’t belong there.


Ding ding ding, we have a winner.
If you asked me to join your alliance because you were too weak to help yourselves, and I found out you had a secret alliance chat you didn’t want me in, I’d think you were the shadiest bunch of people going. If you’re all friends, text each other.


@UrCrazyExGf @MantisToboggan I wouldn’t ask anyone to join, but we have got a lot of joining requests.

It’s all the same though.
If you accept them, you’re a team. You’re only letting them join because they can help you kill tougher titans. If you’re excluding them from the social aspect of an alliance, that’s not really on.

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@MantisToboggan Why is that excluding if we have two chat and we can talk in a chat with the whole alliance? :thinking:

Because if you have to talk in game, it’s probably alliance based, and all of your team are involved… If you want to chat amongst your actual friends about personal/non alliance stuff, there is text messaging/line/whatsapp/Snapchat/facebook/carrier pigeon and countless other ways, that have been around longer than E&P and don’t require you to be logged in sapping your battery 24/7
You’re asking the developers to spend time and money restructuring the chat set up, because it’s a bit easier for you than swiping to a different app and back


I think that wouldn’t be a big/difficult/expensive thing to code or set up.

Maybe not, I don’t know, but there are more important and resource-heavy aspects that take priority over it. This is a small team of developers, trying to make a game primarily, not a social network. There’s still no argument for not using other communication apps for non-game related chats, other than “I don’t want to” which doesn’t really justify your idea.


I think what you are asking for is a leader/co- leader type chat. Asking for that would have gotten a better response than, “A chat for my friends and I” I am not a leader or a co- leader (nor would I want to be) so I haven’t a clue what they would have to say to each other that they couldn’t say to the alliance. Maybe duties and responsibilities and numbers and other things that they don’t want clogging up regular chat. Rephrasing what you are asking for and saying it is to better help your alliance to go to a smooth working order, you probably would have gotten a different response from me and convinced me it was a good idea to have it. Especially if you put in that you would discuss, responsibilities of the co- leads, statistical data on the previous titans, how to help a struggling player do better, and with it being in private the player in question would not take it the wrong way and think that they were getting picked on.

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That kind of leader-chat would be nice. I think that if we had a bigger alliance with players we don’t know, we could discuss about the game and alliance with leaders (in this case it would be my friends). There could be a setting for who can read that more private chat, and that setting could be changed by the alliance leader. Like level 1 member couldn’t read it but anyone else could.

Is an extra chat good? I don’t know would need someone to explain how it would benefit, besides myself playing devils advocate. If I was going with the reasons at the top of the poll, I would say no absolutely not. I would definitely need a few people to explain how they structure their alliance and the type of conversations that take place, and why it is a benefit for the alliance. As far as game strategies go that is something you want to discuss with members it helps people grow and get a feel for cards in the game.

I still don’t see the point.
From friedship standpoint: The point is clear, it would not be nice as it creates a gap

From leadership standpoint: I would still prefer Line (or similar) because of the possibility to send pictures/videos, paigs people, etc etc… So I think there’s no need for any chat changes atm. Also it would be too much work to make big enouhg improvements that the chat could compete with other apps


We need a private chat in-game. some people don’t want using line or anything else. but sometimes you has to talk to people more private, because you can’t say some things in front of 30 people.

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It’s different. I’m all in for the possibility of sending a PM to a player. Maybe you want to warn him or give a hint or whatever… but not a second alliance chat

Yes PM is a whole another discussion, that I could get behind.

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So pikaservaaja you cannot kill better titans with your friends and you don’t want new members to follow your chat? Only one solution from my side: look for more of your friends playing the game and stop bothering this forum.

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I absolutely agree.
There are more than enough chat apps available.
Many alliances use them also for communication with the alliance members.


I most definitely would include new members in the alliance chat and have a separate chat in a chat app for my friends.


Well yes, the leadership team has a separate chat. In line, in our case.

This is for discussing administrative and leadership subjects. You do not do that in front of everybody. :wink: (I am co-leader)

Leadership is like a circus performance:
The easier something looks, the more work is involved. :wink:

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