Alliance chat translation

most alliance’s have many languages,be great if we had option of translating that txt


I’d like to see this as well or even the ability to copy and paste ppls text so it can be translated, as it seems the game almost supports a type of segregation of sorts, I know we had 8 Vietnamese player’s leave our alliance due to the language barrier and they were all good players and it hit us hard…just my 2 cents

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This will inable alliances to be trually international… it will help with recruiting… and get rid of all the additional chatrooms for seperate countries…

I live in Oregon U.S.A joined a team that’s from Germany we have difficulty communicating. If the game had a language translator built in teams would be able to be formed from all walks of life with out communication barriers. I do not want to find a different team I’m very happy where I am now so please someone in the game developers Dept. Come up with a helpful solution to all those like me and all the teams I am sure would be great to join if we could all communicate better. Thanks for your time and consideration to this matter.

Hello! I am new here and faced a similar problem in communication. Are there any ready-made solutions to this problem?

We need translate program running thru entire game. Then players can join a team and the team can speak ten different language and still be able to communicate with one another. Each player chooses then with the translate program whatever is written in team chat no matter what language it will always show in the language you have chosen. You’d think it would be easy fix for developers

thanks for your answer

Judging by what I understood from your answer, it will be a bit like translating a post on social networks, I saw this on my Twitter. Also, it is a bit like translating a site using services. I once did something similar with my site using the service The Word Point from this review In fact, the mechanics of the process are similar, just the question is how the developers implement it and how fast. Because for the time being it’s quite difficult to communicate.

Sorry for the argument … which may not seem interesting … I was wondering after almost 4 years of exiting the game it is not possible to have a chat that automatically translates the various languages ​​… thus allowing the game to become truly global.
I ask this thing because there are other games where you can be in alliances with people of various nationalities because the game automatically translates the chat … it would also be useful in empire to try new experiences for many players … and not be limited by the language factor … and therefore live with the translator … Thanks and good game to everyone

I’ve seen this feature implemented in many mmos and think the international base of this game would benefit from it. In addition to everyday chatter within a diverse alliance, recruiting and mercing in the chat rooms would be more efficient.

It could just be certain terms like ‘hello’, ‘looking for help’, ‘not interested’, etc…

By some far chance this is actually done, please give me the ability to universally say ‘big booty b!tches’

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