Alliance chat showing wrong number of new posts


TIME: From about 9:00 pm CST Saturday night to 12:30 pm CST Sunday afternoon (issue still ongoing?)

BUG: When I log in to the game, Chat shows me a number graphic of “new” chat posts to my alliance chat. However this graphic has been wrong, showing 50+ new posts when there are only 3, or 50+ new posts when there are NONE. This happens very frequently (I check in every few minutes). (It has not happened during the last 15 minutes, from 12:45 pm CST on.)


It just happened again, at 12:33 pm CST Monday 9/4/17:

Note the red [68] messages at the bottom right; this is incorrect, I had already read them all. :expressionless:


I mentioned this in the 1.6 feedback thread the other day as well


Thanks Talisax. @Coppersky want to merge my posts into the existing thread? I’m sorry, I didn’t see the post.