Alliance Chat - rooms



On General chat there are rooms to split different discusion topics. In Alliance there are similiar need. At least 3 rooms:

  • general - for discusionas about game
  • off topic - for discussions about everything
  • announcements - for very important information for the whole alliance (from leaders to not get lost among other messages)


Even if there is a chat to specific players that you would only get 5 chats a month, that would got to their inbox to tell them stuff to play!


It would be great if there were separate chat rooms for alliance chat or a way for the leaders to sent a message that doesn’t disappear to alliance members. It would be easier to strategize


Totally this.

Please divide alliance chat into channels to separate important info from random banter.

Currently we have a choice of either disabling social interaction to keep important stuff in chat or… miss important stuff because it’s flooded with random chitchats.


Totally agree allience leaders should have access to a board only they can type into but seen by all other members like a notice board icon separating the two.

Leaders would be able to delete messages as they become obsolete.

Maybe allowing access to co-leaders as well could also be an added bonus.

Any questions members have can be done in normal allience chat.

This is badly needed although as simple as it may be to implement I bet it’s not even on the devs wish list.


I just had a thought based on so etching that just came up in my allience being I have info I need to pass on to them.

This idea may be useful for many other alliances and also increase forum usage at the same time.

What are the chances of having a dedicated forum page which can only be view by my allience and not made public to all viewers.

As I am very familiar with what can be done with forums over the years having run many of my own I know this can be done by setting a specific mediator to a specific thread/topic but would the devs of SG be up to allowing this say maybe via request to alliance leaders by request.

This would help a great deal to communicate messages and also store details as required for all alliance members to refer to as they need to.

Please think about it as being positive step forward towards alliance communications between members.


There must be a room for leader and Cos.
To manage the alliance stuff.
Away from the members/elders eyes.
That will loadless stress of need to use another app to chat !


Also in alliance chat there should be a way to share screen shots, I.e*
*my alliance rules stats that if you miss 3 titans in a row you get kicked, I take screenshots of each titan attack as proof, so I kick someone due to rules. BUT this kicked guy keeps joining again and again, so just for proof sake we should be able to share screen shots.


Really :rofl::cold_face::hot_face: the little :japanese_ogre:


There should at least be like an internal Board alliance leaders and coleaders could use to post important information on the alliance could see. Like ID’s for chat apps and rules of the alliance or something along those lines. Alliance members can’t help people make good teams if they don’t know what heroes people have. They should also allow alliance members to see all of a person’s heroes not just the team they have set as a defense team


I don’t think so

It really doesn’t matter what we say on this topic as I did read somewhere that chat alterations where a priority let alone on the to do list anytime time so if ever at all because they don’t really care how you communicate as long as we keep playing the game.

Although AW is said to be a alliance team effort and everyone keeps telling it is and many regs on this forum will tell beginners to join good alliances so they can help you grow and the SG knows very well that in a situation where players keep coming and going so constant repetitive statements need to made give us only a short time span where our current board keeps details SG has purposely made it difficult for alliences to communicate and very plainly shown they do care.

YES; Alliances need a permanent notice board that accepts copy & paste and images which can only be used by leaders/co-leader but read by all, all should also be about to copy or click on links placed there for to access.

Or offer alliences a dedicated forum page which can only be viewed by that allience.

But all is going into deaf ears who don’t care…


Hello *, I’m glad to read here that it’s not just a problem with us. For the Alliance War we use tactics and clues for each new enemy.
With all the agreements and exchanges, the important thing disappears quickly and it has to be written again and again 20 times. :frowning: So the chat is overcrowded and important information is constantly lost.

You should make a new option “Pinboard” in the chat next to “Global” and “Alliance”!
There then the important alliance information about the tactics 1 time (!) Pure. That would be more than helpful! Everything else is annoying.


anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


There is a reasonable question: given that there are perfectly good messaging apps like Line and Discord, should devs be spending time reinventing that wheel? In the world of unlimited resources, I’d say yes, but with a small dev team at SGG, I’d really rather they spent that limited time developing and refining game content.


true much more beneficial issues to focus on. a small add on for chat here and there(like they’ve been doing) would be nice but definitely should not be a huge focus. Players will just want more and more chat features after they’re given the ones they request anyways(prime example when we got multiple world chat channels, now we want multiple alliance chat channels)


The problem with other chat rooms is that not everyone wants to use the them and also as allience leaders leaving notes about the game to thier members should be done within the game it’s self and pinned so that every member from all time zones gets a chance to read it. Only the the allience leader and co-leader would/should be able to leave and remove messages there for the others to read.

Making a onboard isn’t hard or time consuming for devs and I know there are a heap of already made up scripts out there that would just require small twiks and Presto it’s done, 1 days work for a good dev if that.

This requires (in a manor of speaking) that players join alliences and work as teams , they create games that require teamwork and strategies and yet they want to piss (politely speaking) players off telling them we don’t care you can’t stay within the game to discuss our game but hey don’t forget to spend money on the game to support us not caring about your important needs so that you can enjoy our game.

One days work and it’s never brought up again.

Oh and should this every happen in real time making that board link clickable would also be a great advantage as well for members to follow through to.



Having a seperate chat for Alliance leaders or a board would drasticly change how the Alliances interact and help build more unity. It would be a great asset that shouldn’t take too long considering there are already other chat rooms in global, just add a seperate chat for alliance leaders


Or they could just allow them to mail everyone so it doesn’t get lost in chat