Alliance Chat -- Line vs Discord?

I’m constantly in search of better ways to remain connected and I’ve always used Line for online gaming (because everyone else in my guild/alliance/team was on it).

However, I have seen a lot of alliances use Discord. I have not used it.

Is it measurably better than Line?

I just keep thinking that I want to coordinate better with my alliance for titans & war, and it might take an act of congress to get my alliance on it… but if it is worth it? I’m all for it.

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Discord is much better BUT its not used on every country because is a VoIP application even though its used more for chatting.

The fact that it has a web ui makes it that much more appealing. :slight_smile:

Note: Most country’s block VoIP :slight_smile:

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Line has a similar VOIP option, replete with video.

Also trying to skirt the line of being a “life comes first” alliance and “too serious” alliance, because I like how chill everyone is, but some members do not communicate often and I’d like to be able to reach out to them to tell them to ‘opt out’ etc…

Discord is better for public lounge, but for a 30 member alliance there is no point making a discord channel

In my opinion Discord is much better… More granular and it looks like its what you are looking for base on what you just said… I know this… More people on other country’s use it rather than Discord. I know of users in India who have told me that Discord does not work on their country…

The alliance that I am in, Uses both. Pick your poison… Though almost none use discord and 98% use line. :slight_smile:

I dont see it that way. You can have 5 users… Discord its still a good option.

Some of this is partially because (rightfully so) SGG / Zynga, whatever… doesn’t want to manage a social media platform. The problem that it is strongly-averse to adding additional notifications to the game, which makes alliance management/coordination difficult.

The alliance header is a TERRIBLE way to communicate, but it is all we really have. And we don’t want to drop the ax on otherwise productive members but it would be great if we could just easily set expectations per titan, per war.

So, like everyone, we use outside apps to communicate and coordinate.

I guess I’d like to try discord out.

Anyone have one I could join as a guest? (I saw an OLD thread on the forum with one but would rather a newer one be volunteered).

Try this one: Discord of Hell

thanks! Added it.

Not that I need another thing to distract me…

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We’ve only used discord. Majority of our alliance are on it. It’s used mainly as an extension of our current chat for screenshots, photos, etc.

The leadership uses a separate server for alliance discussions. Private messaging is great for more personal discussions (health and family issues, etc.)

The game chat is still used to coordinate wars and titans.

I can’t imagine now being able to communicate with the members without discord.

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It’s easier to set up several channels for different topics in Discord. Sharing videos is easier in Line. Both supports notifications.

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@PeachyKeen What I love most about Discord is the ability to have the app on multiple devices simultaneously , as well as on my Desktop. Most of us just use a YouTube channel for videos. Try this channel from Seven Days, it covers a lot of topics as well:) Good Luck!

Line can be simultaneous also, but it is far more restrictive on the account provisioning. Which is fine, just gets annoying with their multifactor authentication and “oh, I see you are logging in from a different phone number… do you want to disconnect your old one?”

To me discord allows for better organization and the app is more stable. Line for me on my mobile is flaky. I hate line.

When you join from different device, can you still see entire threads? And don’t you have to rejoin each group? Sounds like a pain either way. I have Line on one device only, can’t deal with switching around, but have Discord on Phone, iPad and Desktop. No restrictions:)

Yes. All chats/threads are available, friend lists, etc.

And, you can have Line on all devices… but only associated to one phone number. I have a work phone that I can’t install games on but can keep social media apps… in addition to my personal cell phone… line is a little finicky with that, which may be an odd problem.

I like Line so far over discord only over the appearance/interface.

Discord’s topic areas are cool, though. still feeling it all out.

Thanks for the invite, @BatChickCrazy and @parallelsys, I’ve joined both and am engaged in some chatting.

To dispel the mystery… I am… PeachyKeen

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There are also some differences in editing, in Discord you can edit the message you already sent - no need to watch that stupid typo you did forever, but might want to make screenshots of sensitive discussions if you need proof later.

hahah “sensitive discussions” I love it.

Those kinds of discussions I try to avoid at all costs as I am allergic to drama or… discord… ahem.

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I have been invited to chat on discord and absolutely love it. There is so much you can do with it. It’s amazing! However, like you my alliance won’t use either :frowning: