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A few ideas, one being adding a box available only to the alliance leader to have the decision for the group chats launguage to be censored or not! Understand that there is younger players in the game but for instance my alliance is all adults and we should be able to speak freely without reading through a bunch of (*******'s)!
Also maybe look into adding a private message option between players in the alliance would be an awesome feature!
Last idea (off topic) would be adding a better search option for people looking for a alliance to join! Recruiting new members is next to impossible especially in that nonsense AR chat room full of off topic convos and banners that pop up faster then anyone can type!

I have one major grip with the game. RESEARCH… Why! Just tell us ALL the time and material it takes to actually use an upgraded building up front! I get so anxious when a building finishes just to be disappointed because I have to wait more time because of research. Just put the entire amount of time, iron, food and gems to upgrade a building all at once. When it’s over, it’s over and we can use said building immediately. Most times, if you have the iron to upgrade, you either have enough food to already do research or is not far from it… Telling me It only takes 1 day to level up a building and then having it take two because of Research, is like lieing… I always feel tricked…! Like bait and switch…ijs

as this section is used to vote on the viability and popularity of an idea, it would make more sense to limit the thread to ONE idea, and promote that.

please search the threads first (search function), to see if someone else has had your idea already. :wink:

@Nounnudda I believe this information already exists in the Wikia (search the Master List for E&P Links for a link to it.)

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Although this has been discussed and resulted in the newly created feature message board which works perfectly as is.
For adult discussions use an external chat like Line or Discus both free apps.
The game should be kept clean allowing for minors and that should never change.

I think that covers private messages comment as well.

As for the recruiting there is a forum recruitment thread which you can setup your alliences topic there and revert/refresh it everytime your looking for new recruits.

In response, i wasnt referring that the game shouldnt be kept clean for minors, i was simply saying that if your in a all adult alliance then the chat censorship should be an option. If we had minors or people who got offended then we would vote to turn the language guidelines on or off… its just an idea!! And i know there has been mentioning of private messaging before but i dont see any actual answers on if its a possibility or not, i just read a bunch of peoples opinions and the nonsense that follows. I have line app but for instance when we are in a war and a player needs help setting up a team it would be alot easier in a “in game” private message setting to help someone without bouncing between apps and also to not have 25 people throwing in their comments or other convo’s that may be going on in the groups alliance chat. Plus in most messanger settings your able to post pictures which would be cool so between players they can share screenshots of (victorys, teams, items, heros, ect…) possibly even videos in the future, i know a few people who video their raids for others to see. (Wish i could of recorded me beating Zero a few weeks ago) im sure alot of people would wanna see what team i used and how the board played! Not saying this disrespectfully but this game uses a chat thats pretty outdated! When you have to know codes to insert a smiley face then it must be a little behind in the times!

You can if you download the Du Recorder App on your device which is free to use and then you have options as to where to post them.

I pist them on youtube myself and then copy that link into our Line App so they are always availble for others to see anytime.

You can even do live streams which then others can comment as your doing your battle using this app.
Just setup a time when your using all your hits whether be it war, raids ir torni or a mixture of them and let your team mates know times you will be doing so and then you call all have fun and comment whilst you do all your battles. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you’re just referring to actual swear words, as opposed to whole adult conversations, you can simply change your flag in your alliance banner to a non-English ( or non- to- your-current-common langage).

If you see English speaking alliances using a Japanese flag (seems to be the most popular choice), it’s because they want to use English swear words without getting censored.

Yes all i was refering to is swearing! I dont want to have a freaky conversation with my alliance memebers Lol! And i know the flag language thing, like i said ita just an idea thats all!

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