Alliance Chat History Dissapears

There is a reoccurring issue where our alliance chat history disappears. Pretty much everytime I log in I go to catch up on chat and it deletes. Leaving only system type events info

This is not a bug.

Alliance chat is capped at a certain number of comments, or length of the comment thread. I haven’t paid enough attention to know for sure. If you want a medium that stays with you I suggest using line or discord (not sure, I don’t currently use it) to have a conversation that isn’t capped.

EDIT: welcome to the forum!

I’m talking about 5 lines of chat. I know it only saves so many lines. But not max of 5 messages… It keeps removing All messages

I’ve had everything disappear on occasion, but never just as few lines. Normally restarting the game solves that.

You may need to file a support ticket

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Thank you @Rook, I meant to get there…


Thanks rook, I meant to do this in first place, clicked the wrong option and ended up putting this in forum instead of ticket.

Supreme… Thanks for you effort

Good luck in the event lets chase that top 10!


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