Alliance Chat, Forums, Raids, Revenges, Hero Lock, Alliance Membership

Fix it all. Alliance chat is non existent, Forums keep crashing, Revenges don’t work or they lag so much that the game bumps me out and I lose the banners, Raids well they are a joke, not getting bumped out of an alliance because of a glitch, and Hero locking should hold from one day to the next. Fix it all.

I have literally never experienced even one of these issues.

Alliance Chat works great, forums have never crashed, Revenges have never lagged out, I’ve never been “bumped out of an alliance because of a glitch” (not sure what that means), and I’ve locked many heroes and never had a one come undone.

Perhaps you should provide examples… and this thread sounds far more like a Bug / complaint than a Feature Request…

I suggest speaking with your ISP or Phone Data Carrier… It sounds like the issue might very well be on your end. Perhaps working with SGG’s Technical Support would be a better avenue, even.

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