alliance chat filtering

So our alliance was running just fine and never had any chat issues until this morning. I’m not sure if someone changed our alliance language or what the deal is but before today, we could say anything and there was no filtering. Now if there is anything remotely close to an inappropriate word it turns them into ****. Please help us resolve this issue. Thanks.

Has your language been set to English by mistake? Try setting it to another language.

It was set to English then back to South Korean. Still no profanities allowed

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I’ll have to go swear on our chat to check it out :grin:

I think I just startled our members! They aren’t used to me being a potty mouth. I had no problem. Ours is set to German language.


Weird. Thanks for checking. Hopefully it fixes itself. Cant even say like assuming or stupid little things like that it bleeps them out

Problem was fixed. Must have just been impatient hah

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How was it fixed? Ours is still censored no matter what language we set it to.

Ours is broken too.
You can set the language to french and it only censors English, french still works.
You can set the language to Turkish, and swear in Turkish, but English is still censored.
Please fix this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just a button to turn off the filter? Pretty stupid that a group of 30 grown adults have to be treated like children with everything sterilized to the lowest common denominator.

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