Alliance chat auto posting

I didn’t see anything while searching but this basically happens to me since update 31 (never before) Alliance mates don’t have same issue.

  1. I type something into alliance chat but DON’T hit done.

  2. Leave game, usually for only a few seconds like to look up a hero card, attack stack etc.

  3. I return to game and my message has posted in alliance chat despite NEVER hitting done. Tested about a dozen times.

I understand this is relatively small thing, but still odd. I’m on iPhone 10, phone and game both updated.


Thank you for letting us know. We’ll investigate this here.


I experience the exact same issue…I have to make sure I press cancel before leaving the game if I want to avoid a message from being auto posted.

+20k gems for bug compensation

Just tested on Android and I don’t have this issue. Maybe it happens only on iOS. Cheers!

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