Alliance - Changing leader

How about changing the leader of the alliance?
For example, Leader was not online for 60 days, you can submit an application to take over the alliance in the leader’s profile, and the leader will receive an email if he agrees or not. If there is no answer, the user becomes the new leader of the alliance.
Condition for takeover: User submits the application for takeover, must himself be at least 60 days in the alliance.
Had the following advantages: Dead alliances do not exist, less garbage for your server.


Wie wäre es, wenn man den Anführer der Allianz wechseln könnte?

Z.B. Anführer war 60 Tage nicht online, man kann im Profil des Anführers einen Antrag auf Übernahme der Allianz stellen, der Anführer bekommt eine e-Mail, ob er zustimmt oder nicht. Kommt keine Antwort, wird der User der neue Anführer der Allianz.

Bedingung für Übernahme: User der Antrag auf Übernahme stellt, muss selbst mind. 60 Tage in der Allianz sein.

Hätte folgende Vorteile: Tote Allianzen gibt es nicht, weniger Datenmüll für eure Server.


Unless it is a fairly advanced alliance, why not just create a new alliance and have everyone join the new one. The only downside would be the long wait while you climb up through the levels of titans. Early on the wait between titans is fairly long.

because maybe not all members would change with, besides, it is stupid, if you have to rebuild everything, this starts with the name finding etc.

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An e-mail method would not work because you are not required to do any form of sign up or cloud save in order to play the game.

damn, then only the possibility of messages would remain … actually you can forget the whole then: /

The leader of the alliance has changed and the name of the old has remained. Is it possible to change it somehow?

Then it is better to the syatem to remove any alliances with inactive 30 days leader.
If the other people want to regroub they can form a new one!
There are tons of no active alliances … some are over a year of inactivaty

I mean that the commander left us and appointed his successor, but there is the nickname of the old commander and not the new one

Why not implement a system where, say, three co-leader can demote the leader and designate another leader (among them).

If three co-leaders are not available, then two co-leaders and three members etc.

If a leader leader is not active for say 60 or 90 days the system should automatically asign that role to either the co-leader or if none to the longest member of that allience.

I agree having to restart everything from scratch sounds annoying and would upset many so letting the system do it makes sense.

The leader was appointed new by the old who left the alliance. In our alliance is the name of an old commander, not new, and here we have the problem the commander is active, the new I am the co-operator, can you change the name of the old for a new leader or not to do it?

Actually how about we have a commander vice commander who has all of the capabilities of the commander and becomes the commander if the commander decides to leave, but but the vice commander can only be 1 other member in the alliance. Ancient, elder, warrior and member should round out the alliance. This gives more members a chance to climb a ladder of the alliance and see where they actually stand.

In our alliance, we have a problem with displaying the nickname of a leader who is active