Alliance billboard

I suggest a bulletin board for the alliance. Something that management can relay messages to the alliance members without it being seen on The Alliance Banner. Reminders of vacation, strategies general info.

Have it so it can collapse like the chat does. That way it does not have to stay open all the time. Have a little number when there’s a new message alerting people to check it. There are several times we need to communicate with other members and don’t want to keep repeating it over and over in the chat so everyone sees it. And definitely not enough room and or don’t want all players of the game to see it, only alliance members.

Thank you I hope you consider it:hugs:

We use Line. Even SG has line. They know already that game chat and alliance chats suck but those are free features that dont earn revenue and have no interest in improving them outside of adding rooms without any specific use or direction and eating popcorn while the player base fights amongst themselves with no intervention, just bans and warnings for violating unwritten room rules and letting players self elect themselves as moderators. I’m sure they had a lot of laughs with the 20+ room release

We use whatsApp :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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